Friday, July 07, 2006

Dum Da Da Dum!

I can finally post some Technique Tuesday sneak peeks! Woohoo!

**Please click on photo's to see better details.**

Ok so here they are:

First up we have "Kabloom", this is a great mini flower set that matches Petal Pushers. I LOVE THIS SET. Hmmm actually I'm lovin' all the sets so just insert that phrase after every description...ha ha.

Next we have a gorgeous bug set called "Boho Buzz", yup I said bugs and they are so darn fun! I felt that they screamed for some twinkling H2O's so that's what I used to color them with. :)Note the awesome "Whirlygigs" underneath the butterfly. Aaaaawwww, I'm sooo in love with these stamps!

All The chipboard elements on these pages are NEW from TT. Including the tabs on the Have & Hold layout. So much fun to play with and I figure you might get a kick out of this next LO...ok for product reasons but also because I think my niece is such a doll and the whole Shark in a tutu dance costume cracks me up!

The "Zig-Zag Baseboards" worked perfectly for that whole Shark feel I was going for. The photo turns are from the "Office Collection". All are chipboard and total customizable!This Layout also features the new smaller size of "Brooklyn Bridge" as used for the word 'little'.

Oh, Oh here's a goody! This is the new "Masterpieces Of Paisley". This is a fantastic LAYERING set. You create your own paisley looks but using different backgrounds, centers and decorative elements. I used VersaMagic ink which is great for layering and the colors stay true. I also used the new smaller sets of Avalon(my personal favorite and Remenisce alphabets. This is shark girl's little sister Emma. ;)

Last but not least is the new set called "Jet Lag". I have highlighted these cool stamps by using the new Stars and Arrows chipboard tiles...hehe. These are must haves! The hotti is my DH and he is sold seperately.

So that's what I have for now, but please note, This is only a FRACTION of the new sets that will be released!


What a great job I have.


Kara Jones said...

I love the new stuff! Thanks for showing us!

Catherine Bodine said...

Oh I love the Kabloom and boho buzz. I can't wait until I can see them IRL!!

Melissa S said...

So when do these items get into consumer's hot little hands??? Inquiring minds want to know.

Ethan said...

Wow! Can't wait to see this in stores for my own personal consumption. I'm really diggin' on the paisley set!

Jessie said...

your layouts are so GREAT!! I am still trying to figure out the way you did the Jet Lag one!

Diane R said...

Hi Danea!!! It's your STALKER checking in. Catching up on some of your blog posts since CKU. I almost signed up for that Pea dinner. Nelly and Alana are a lot of fun!

Love, love, love all these new TT products and your layouts, as usual, are FAB!!

ok, I'm going to keep hoping I see a local class taught by you soon.

Take care,

strawberrygirl said...

Danea, LOVE the Have and to Hold one. If I had know you were going to be such a great photographer, Iwould have held off on marrying your brother a couple years:)

laura O'Donnell said...

Oh WOW! Can't wait to get some of these. Last summer TT had a big booth at the CK Convention in Valley Forge, I hope they're there again this year. Have to start saving my pennies.

Anonymous said...

how much for the guy? jk.

i love that paisley one. they have introduced so many stamps this time. it's going to be hard to get them into the store.


joy madison said...

ooooooooooooh, so much cuteness!!!! how can you stand it! I love TT stamps!....TFS!