Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Gift For Her

I have a friend. YES I have friends and no not just ONE, smart ass!

As I was saying, I have a friend. She doesn't live close, we don't talk all that much and we don't get to spend a lot of time together but I think of her as a good friend. I think about her lots and read her blog. She's generous, funny, smart and creative. If there was ever something I needed I am sure she would have my back, as she has in the past. She helped me out the first time I taught in OR. She didn't have to, she paid to go to the convention but was sweet enough to spend her time as my TA, and she Rawked! Plus she gave me a gift, it was a beautiful pink beaded lanyard that she made. I've had many compliments on it too. :)

So why am I yippin' on about this gal? Because I finally made time to make her something in return. A thank you from me. It's no coach bag and may not even be big enough to fit a wallet but she can decide how she wants to use it.

**Miss M, this is for you...

Close Up

Cheryl M. made a purse like this a while back and told me she found it at Mike's. Teehee, thanks Cheryl!

Stamps are TT "Olde World Square" & "Whirlygigs"- BRAND NEW! TT's chipboard frame.
The Chipboard alpha is from the new Bare Essentials line from Creative imaginations.
Michael Miller Polka Dot fabric.
Marah Johnson epoxy hearts.

If you are looking for more Technique Tuesday sneak peeks, scroll down to next post! LOL.

**I will not promise a speedy delivery of this item and can only guarantee that at some point it WILL arrive at your door.


erin yamabe said...

hi danae!
thanks for sharing, this beautiful gift you made for your friend! i love the new stamps, and can't wait to get a set for myself. i'm loving the ones from cku-sj that we used in the make and take!

Miss M! said...

Aw... you so rawk! I am so impressed to be the recipient of a Zee original

cherl mezzetti said...

Glad you liked my work enough to re-create it Danea style. Looking good.

Catherine Bodine said...

This is so cute. If I was a purse person I would be on my way to michaels right now.

Anonymous said...

WHat a very Pretty Purse! Love the colours!

Missy said...

This is fantastic. Don't mail it until I've had a chance to see it in person. I want to marvel at the details before it goes away.

wendy said...

That is fabulous!!!!!

ShelleyinGA said...

Oh, this is cute, cute, cute!!

~~~Drama Queen's Mom~~~ said...

awesome purse!

christina said...

wow, i so love your work. everything you do rocks. awesome job on that purse and i so wish i could see it in person