Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Roll It!

For those of you who have read my roller skate entry I thought I would update. I'm still in search of the right pair. I know I need something with true outdoor wheels not like the ones I lived with in my youth. From my research outdoor wheels are softer and have more of a grip, thus I am hoping to not have to experience the horrific vibrations as I did all those years ago. Anyone who roller skated on the street as a kid knows what I am talking about. It started at the bottom of your foot and would slowly work it's way up your leg. Sometimes the vibrations would get so strong that I would attempt to glide on one foot as long as possible just to give that leg a rest. I would then push off with the other foot alternating each for a few minutes. I was too stubborn to sit and take a break. I skated through the pain and lived with the tingling sensation that ensued throughout my legs for up to an hour after removing the skates. Nope, I'm getting better wheels this time.

In my search I found this site Pimp My Skates I'm just saying, I'm keeping my options open. I was disappointed to see they cut me out of that picture, I was to the left of the girl in the pink top. Ok so maybe I wasn't but if I play my cards right and get some cool wheels I may just be someday. We all need goals.

For all those Technique Tuesday fans who's goals are to purchase the summer releases (I'm learning how to segue from Karen B...hehe) Here's a few more layouts showcasing some of the new goodies.

Ok so this first layout only has the new scallop chipboard and one tiny flower (made the pink cluster flower)from Kabloom on it. All the other stamps are pre releases but definite "must haves" in my book..Ha Ha..Petal Pushers, Olde Worlds Squares, Kabloom, Avalon & Big Timber.

I have send out a quick thank you to Adrienne who talked about the photoshop diffuse filter on her blog. Her pics looked so cool I had to play and so the next two layouts are using this cool filter. Thanks girl!

My cutie patootie niece Kiahanna having a bubble bath. Stamps are Santa Cruz, New size of Williamsburg & Metro squares. Lots of TT tiles on this baby...LOL.

This last one is my friend Cari...Hi Cari...hehe...I used Dry Clean Only, Avalon(One would think I like this stamp) & the new size Williamsburg in Uppercase.

Peace out.


cari said...

wow that model is gorGEous!! JK.
I love looking at your work...it inspires me to ...well..to...I don't really know what...but it makes me want to create something!

Anonymous said...

Danea, I love these new products in your gorgeous LOs. Inspiration is right!!!
Carol Krup from CC

Miss M! said...

So pretty! I love your layouts.

I think you should go for the skates with the blingy chrome rims. WERD.

We should got visit Susanne and the three of us can go out drinking, ha ha!

Zee said...

Hey I'm always up to visit Susanne! LOL. She mentioned the possibility of having another DT/class day. That would be so cool if we could plan an event like that again. I'm always game to travel and teach!

Jessie said...

fantastic job! especially the "In Bloom" - YUM YUM YUM!!

Anonymous said...

amazing LOs as always! LOVE the bath one.

i can't wait to get the new TT stuff. they amaze me with their new products every time. love that angela works there and i don't have to pay shipping. tee hee