Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Layout Titles...

They sure are a big thing, all the cool layouts need "stand out" titles. The pressure can sometimes be tuff to come up with something new and catchy.

I often play around with layout ideas while waiting to fall asleep at night. I have one more to do for TT and was sketching various possibilities in my head last night. Sara AKA Miss M, sent me the cutest pics of her dogs and two stood out, one with a flower(that I made Sara a while back) in her hair and then this one of Gidget...

This picture just cracks me up. Anyway, I had no witty title options until about 2:30 in the morning when I woke up with the perfect header. I'm not sure if I thought of it before I awoke, as I often scrap in my sleep, or after, but in my groggy head on the way to the bathroom I knew it would be perfect...

Doing It Doggie Style!

See, she's a dog and she's got style. I'm a genius!

I don't understand.


Missy said...

LOL....for a second I thought you were serious. I would love to see that up at the booth at CHA....hehehe.

erin yamabe said...

hi danae! could you please do me a favor? my friend, moriah and i got together today, to work on our albums from cku, and she was really interested in certain tt stamps she hasn't been able to find anywhere. can you please email me at so i can pass your info along to her?

erin yamabe
bay area scrapper
DT Member for Suzy West

Angela said...

I have a sweatshirt that says "get Low" with a Wiener Dog sillohette (sp? lol) I will definitely be doing a page of my wieners with that title... lol

Miss M! said...

Bwa ha ha ha! I'm glad you find my dog so...INSPIRING!

I'd say, considering that one of my layouts was deemed "innapropriate" and pulled from the store display for using the term "eye candy" I'd say that your employers maybe, just maybe, would not be as appreciative of the humor as the rest of us, AKA the normal people with unwadded panties, are.

I was hoping it would be a layout already!

kelly edgerton said...

OH MY HECK! Thank you for the morning giggle. This totally cracks me up.

christina said...

omg you crack me up. my stomach hurts from laughing so hard