Monday, August 21, 2006


I did this digi page today. Since it's digital I figured what the heck, I'm making it round!

This is another FREE digital kit called "Fearless" create by Valerie Foster and it too can be all yours by going to I've scrapped this photo before but thought it would be a good one for playing around. I'm liking these kits! Great job Val!

Not much else to say 'cept I love my Jeff. He's such a sweet guy, hard worker & crippled wife looker after. Just gotta love him. xoxo


Missy said...

That is really cool. I think you were meant for digi Danea.

mom said...

again it is beautiful. It looks so 3 D I still dont get it though.
I miss you! mom

erin yamabe said...

wow. very, very cool, danae! digi is so foreign to me...haha!

Anonymous said...

very cool. what do you do with digi LOs other than have them on your computer? i have never figured that one out.

Christel said...

Hey Danea!! Great looking Digi page!! Hope you are felling better soon, BTW you are not crippled!!!


Miss M! said...

WOW. That's really cool! Why you gotta be good at EVERYTHING, huh?