Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I have never been one to feel the need the need to own anything "designer". I thought it a bit ridiculous to spend the big $$$ just because it had a "name". Unlike some good friends who our a bit crazy over items from a tiny company called Coach...Haha. I seriously don't get spending hundreds on a bag that looks so much like all the others. When I go to the malls it seems everyone and their dog has one. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the bags and yes some are very cute, but I guess I just personally would rather spend my money on other items. Besides I collect purses and my $14 Target Kitty Tea purse has gotten many compliments and my new AMM purse...same thing!

But last week I, for the very first time made a designer purchase. That's right my friends, I am the new owner of a pair of Swarovski crystal clad Fendi Glasses:

Those are actually very sparkley clear crystals, not smokey as they appear in the picture. But before you get to thinking I blew my budget, think again. When I came upon these frames while browsing online, I fell in love. It wouldn't have mattered to me if they were by "Fandi." HA! So once I knew what I wanted, I searched, and searched, and gosh I love eBay! Hehe! These frames retail about $260, all the online stores claim they retail about $400, but since they are all selling them in the $230-270 range I highly doubt that. But, my friends, I got these little cuties for $86 including shipping! And yes they are REAL! My only gripe is I feel a bit like a walking advertisement with Fendi printed on the arms. If there was a way to remove that without damage, I would! Regardless, I am so excited to get the lenses, which I'm going to have done at Costco. So I will post a picture of me modeling them when they are all done!

So yesterday I went in to see the therapist for my hand. She started out by saying that the report shows the pins in my wrist had receded. This was a surprise as I was told last week that it was just nerve stuff. I guess it's not serious but was part of the reason I was having pain and is the new reason for my being splinted for even longer. That is when she also said the words I dreaded..."Absolutely NO scrapping!"


People I am dying here! I can't even do my daily chores, I walk from room to room, try and tidy things and I have watched more TV than I thought humanly possible. I am going stir crazy and I'm dying to scrap. Do you know how many fantastic manufacture DT calls there are right now!? But apparently with all the soft tissue and ligament work done on my fingers "pinching is the worst thing you can try and do..." Phewy!

It also looks like I'll be splinted for a few months. Although with time I will be functionable and splinted for stability. For now, I'm thinking I should try out for a movie role. Huh? What? Oh, but don't you think a horror show would be fitting... I could be Freddy's side kick!


Jeff asked the OT if she could attach a Swiss army knife to the side so I could at least be useful...Ha! I can't actually move my fingers very much but I'm working on it. The last two fingers I can remove from the slings as they didn't have the knuckle replacements and I can move them more that the other two, but they are still pretty stiff from being wrapped up for a month! But I won't be having a pitty party, maybe a couple pitty drinks but at least I have a hand and a few months isn't so bad in the scheme of things!

So who thinks I should alter this baby? Ribbons, stazon and Whirlygigs, flower blossoms, maybe some crystals. What do ya think?


mom said...

definetly some ribbon for sure.LOL
My sympathy is with you baby.

Anonymous said...

omg! i have never seen a contraption like that. oh, wait, yes I have. edward scissorhands. lmbo! dang, girly, i didn't realize it was that complicated. is that a new brace?

you poor thing. they really got'cha wired don't they?!!


ckrup0945 said...

Oh crap, Danea! That splint looks complicated. It gives me an idea about how complicated the surgery must have been!

Hang in there. Can you use your left had to sketch or move papers around at all? I'm so sorry for you, honey. Caro from CC

erin yamabe said...

you've got my sympathy for sure! i do vote to jazz up your new splint! just be careful:)

and love your first designer find, good job!

Missy said...

Yikes, that contraption looks scary. Sorry you can't scrap yet... Oh man I will come over and help you alter that bad boy. Ribbons, buttons, bows, strings, and things......we can for sure bling you out. That way your splint will match those new specs you have.

Anonymous said...

as i see these pics again i realize i don't really wanna piss you off with that thing on your punching hand, do i??


Adrienne said...

EEK! That looks scary!! I say, ribbon will make it better!!

strawberrygirl said...

Danea...big hug!~ That is just crazy:) Maybe if you called M. Night Shyamalan you could get some work in his next film:)

Just kidding chick!

Thanks for putting my guy onto J....it is making a world of difference in our lives:)

Miss M! said...

Holy Crap, if I had that thing on my hand my new hobby would be scaring children at the grocery store!!! I would seriously hurt myself with that. How do you sleep? Maybe you can spray paint it pink... use a HS mask perhaps? Wow.

Oh, and this:

"Unlike some good friends who our a bit crazy over items from a tiny company called Coach"

I don't know WHAT you are talking about. And FYI, my dogs don't have Coach bags... they have Coach collars, so THERE.

Love the frames. It never occured to me to shop ebay for frames! Gotta try that, thanks for the tip.

cheryl mezzetti said...

Danea you are so remarkable. Amazing that u keep smiling through all the pain. I wish i lived closer - you could tell me what to do and i would do it...sort of a designers designer?