Friday, September 08, 2006

Oddly Enough

This morning when Jeff sat on the edge of the bed to kiss me goodbye, I told him I was hot. Uncomfortably hot. But once he left I was soon fast asleep. Thinking I was dreaming, enjoyed the slight feeling of spinning each time I rolled over. But then around 7:10 I rolled onto my right side and it was as if someone pushed me down a hill in a barrel. I was spinning so severely it jolted me awake, my heart pounding and eyes rapidly moving back and forth. It took a few moments of me laying very still for me to regain focus. Thinking I was being silly I moved to roll back over. Uh, no, not imagining it. The sensation repeated. I slowly sat up, trying not to move my head. Now I was feeling nauseated, so I went and called the nurse hot line, puke bowl in hand just in case, before calling 911 because was dying. {Thought I was!}

Turns out it's Vertigo, I had heard of it but have never had it. "Take some travel sickness pills and get some rest, it's just an inner ear virus."

I took a pill and called Jeff and my MIL. She came over to check on me. After a couple hours of sleep the motion wasn't as severe but was still very much there. I bent over to get a breakfast bar from the cupboard and fell into the stove and counter...pretty scary stuff to have no control like that! So I sat with my MIL sipping tea and told her how my head and neck was hurting and I should probably take some advil. Well guess what, it took away all the dizziness. In my online research of vertigo, the last cause listed was migrains. I don't experience the typical mirgrain that my mom and brothers do. I get symptoms, the visual aura's and such but only ever experience little, if any actual head pain.

Since my neck and back have been hurting the past few days(time to see the chiropractor again) I'm sure this is the trigger. Sigh.

Not a fun experience, very frightening actually. I'm tired and my neck/back still hurts so I am off to lay down. Just though I would post this little experience. Guess I can be grateful that I don't get the major headache, that for most people, follows the first symptoms!


Shannon said...

I have slight vertigo, and it is not fun. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Zee said...

Well, I spoke too soon! I got up from my nap and it was back. Like it is today, but different. Instead of a dizzy spinning sensation when I move my head, today is just an all around off balance feeling with any movement. It's like walking through a fun house with uneven moving floors.

The difference is, I didn't buy a ticket and don't want to be on this ride!! LOL.

ShelleyinGA said...

Gosh Danea...that sounds really scary! I hope you're feeling better soon. If this continues, you might want to see the doctor ...just to be on the safe side.

Sending you some get well hugs!

Michelle said...

That sounds so scary!! I hope you are feeling better soon. Can't they give you something to kill the infection?

I had a friend once who used to get headache-less migraines. Being that I get migraines I didn't know it was possible. She would get the weird vision and nausousness(sp??). My husband had a retinol Migraine once which messed up his eyes big time for awhile, they thought his retina was detaching. Those migraines are scary things. Anyways, get better soon!

Miss M! said...

Vertigo is NO FUN! I had it when I had labrynthitis, which is an inner ear infection. I hope it goes away soon!

christina said...

oiy, i hate that feeling, i certainly don't get it as bad as you do. but i have had that feeling and i hated it. i hope that it goes away for you soon.

on a sidenote, i keep having problems logging in to scrapetite. sometimes it lets me and sometimes it doesn't. do you have any idea why?

Grampa "dad" said...

Just confirms what I always knew.. you ARE spinny!!! Hope you feel better soon "Auntie"