Sunday, October 29, 2006

Love & Romance

I was inspired. Inspired by that romance comic paper I bought last year. I don't remember what company made it, my apologies, but I had to have it. It sat untouched until two days ago when I paired it with some new Technique Tuesday chip board covered with glitter and diamond glaze and it fast became a new favorite.

You read a lot about journaling and scrapbook pages. Some chose not to do it *cough, cough, Missy, cough, cough* some chose to make it their focus and some chose to do just the basics. I do a little of it all. In recent months I have noticed more articles on journaling and the encouragement to try different styles. So I did. I went with the Romance Comic theme, hey I figured I should stay true to the essance of the layout. I have to admit, this layout cracks me up. I giggle when I read it cuz it's just so darn silly. I am happy with my little venture away from the norm. So here it is...should I start my own comics? HAHA.

For those who can't read it when it's enlarged, the yellow box sets the scene 'I knew the evening would be special and was pleasantly surprised when Jeff handed me the Shane Co. box'. The journaling reads:

“Oh Jeff,


Miss M! said...

Okay. You're a dork, but you totally crack me up!

erin yamabe said...

ooh, ahh!!! this i TOTALLY love! i love your work, but this one is just fantastic!!! go girl!

Missy said... are a dork!!! but I LOVE the layout. That heart is so cool. Great work Zee.