Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Me, A Super Hero??

Very, unlikely but then again no one suspected Clark Kent. Hmmm....

So back to my trip to Memory Trends. It was a pretty good show except for that darn back and hip pain that struck Monday night upon arriving. Tuesday morning I braved the consequences and walked the 18, 000 miles to the expo from our hotel just two doors down. The floor itself was fairly void of attendees, but I got to say hello to many people I hadn't seen in a while and even meet a few for the first time.

To my surprise and utter joy a booth caught my eye about half way through the first day. It was not that of some sparkling or shiny new product, it was in fact massage chairs! Oh those heavenly kneading nodules of relief. I couldn't believe how magnificent these devices were. One was small and portable and the other was the actual negative gravity chair itself. I used both, until I felt that maybe it was getting awkward for the salesmen that I was there for so long and I was starting to wear out my "free" welcome. Haha. But I really was impressed. So impressed in fact that I bought one. I'm not one to make large impulse buys especially not with that amount of cash, but with the $$ we have been spending on Chiropractors and massage therapy, we decided it would be a great investment. Plus I figure the amount we'll charge friends and family to use it, it'll pay for itself in no time!

Making Memories had their cool photo booth again, and this time we actually used it. We, as in Miss Jesse Baldwin and I, Susanne and I, Missy and I and me, myself and I. I have those wonderful shots to prove it too...hehehe...
Missy didn't want hers shown on here but dude, one little snippet at the bottom is least in my mind anyway. The lone shots I did for my hubby. I wouldn't have done alone shots if it wasn't for the courage that Jese gave when I saw her do it, but hers were much more funky, that girl just cracks me up.

So Jesse, Missy and myself were waiting for Susanne when I made some wise crack about not being able to pick up my bag cuz it was too heavy. Without missing a beat Jesse says "There goes Captain Cripple, playing the oh, I'm so helpless card. Whoa..wait. *Insert screeching halt here** lets go back shall we. Oh no you di-ant. Truth is I don't really remember what sarcastic remark she actually made as I started busting up after "Captain Cripple"! Seriously Captain Cripple has got to be the best insult evah! In fact I really like the way it rolls off the tongue. Angela feels it's too masculine but as told her, it's 2006 and there are many woman captains so get over it...HA!

Susanne and I left MT on Thursday morning and I flew back to OR with her. When we arrived at the airport the check in line was phenomenal! I could barely pull my suitcase and told Susanne she better hustle cuz I really couldn't pull it much longer if she walked slow(pain people, suitcase pulling pain!). Both of us were filled with dread, mine from being in pain and Susanne at the apparent 762 hour wait ahead of us. Thankfully we came really early, but after a couple minutes in this line and not moving at all I turned to see an empty line that said Special Services and had the wheelchair symbol. Now if you know me, I am stubborn and independent. I don't have a disability plaque for my car even though I've been told I can. I don't use my disability to get away with or take advantage of. I would rather do things on my own. HOWEVER, on this day of aches and pains and serious doubt that I would actually make it through the line, I could not stop myself.

"Excuse me" I said to an airline employee while leaning over the metal rail. "I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I know I won't be able to stand much longer in this line. Is there anyway around it?"

She glanced at me head to toe, eyes resting on this decorated hand contraption of mine which seemed to remove any doubt and she replied,

"Of course, come with me."

"And my travel companion?"

"Yes, she can come too."

Thus we were lead to the empty check in, where I was asked if I needed a wheel chair, but of course that wasn't necessary. Lickity split we were checked in and on our way to the gate. As we rounded a corner for the escalator I raised my hands high into the air as if to leap into flight and boldly exclaimed..." Captaaaaaaiiiiiinnnn Crippllllllle saaaves the daaayyy!

It may have been one tiny step for mankind and somewhat self serving, but a super hero needs to start somewhere and what better place to start then with oneself..oh and did I mention it got Susanne around the line also? Don't forget that part, see it pays to be friends with a cripple, ahem **clears throat**, I mean it pays to be friends with Captain Cripple!


Missy said...

LOL....that was so funny. See even in that one little snippet picture I can see my eye googling all over the place....hehehe. Talk to you later Captain.

shirley said...


We played in that booth at CHA!! too much fun!

Angela said...

Ok - now you are making me sound like an anti-feminist by saying a woman can't be a captain!! I am a total femi-nazi. LOL I'm really just jealous Jesse came up with something that quick. :) Call me dude.

donnacr said...

LOL ! I have travelled through Toronto airport with an elderly lady in a wheelchair - thank heavens as we didn't have to wait in the cattle call rows ! Your hand split saved the day Captain ! LOL !