Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am thankful for many things this year....

- My sweet, thoughtful, caring, generous, supportive husband.
- That I am so close with my MIL especially since I am so far away from my family.
- My parents.
- My loony brothers
- My three beautiful nieces.
- That Dusten & Tara are having their first child and I will be an auntie again.
- A hot cup of tea every morning.
- My three adorable fur babies.
- That I am able to scrap despite my crazy crippled hands.
- That I am able to walk despite my funky cripple feet.
- That I will look like a super model after my surgery on Monday.
- For my new car which is so easy to drive.
- For my friends even though so many of you are miles away and I don't get to see you often. You are thought of more than you know.
- And mostly because I wake up every day knowing that life is pretty damn good despite those moments of aches and pains, stubbing of toes, breaking of a good glass, carpet spills, pipe leaks, & bills. A warm hug and soft kiss can melt all that away.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


becky said...

what an awesome list! i am excited to see your new movie star look net=xt week :)

Yer Daddy said...

And I am thankful for my SIL Jeff..whatta guy!!!! :-))))

erin said...

that's a wonderful list. thanks for sharing, and happy belated thanksgiving to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

what a great list. i feel guilty that i didn't make one. i will do that now. why do you always think of the cool stuff? (stomping feet)

oh, and speaking of feet, remind me to kick the tires of that car that got a better rating in your list than i did! lol


cari said...

Thinking of you and your new chin today....Hope all goes well!