Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hummina Hummina..

Croon your way into my heart baby...

The video is cute but admittedly it is not what I see in my head as this song plays on my stereo and I loudly bellow it as a duet with dear Mike. It's a happy song, I like happy, uplifting songs. I also like Mr. Buble. He has that Canadian sense of humour, that humour that Americans can appreciate but may not truly understand unless you are in fact Canadian. Don't ask me to explain, there just is a difference.

Since I recently started doing searches on him and watched him do his magic on Mondays Oprah, I realized that I do, in fact, have a celebrity crush on Michael Buble. There, I said it. I confessed to Jeff last night. I'm sure he understands as he himself has had many celebrity hotties on his list like Claire Danes, Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Garner and many more. Granted I am sure those were more of a "lust" factor and I'm not really lusting after Michael. All I am saying is that I would not complain if he wanted to sing me to sleep...* Cough* while nestled warmly in his arms. *Cough*

As for my new chin....I hope the swelling and bruising will be gone enough for me to add pictures this weekend! So check back if you're curious. I am now off to clean my house while dancing and singing to It's Time . Siiiiigggghhh. *Bats Eyelashes*


Yer Daddy said...

Hey we MUST be related.. I really enjoy Mister Buble (BooBlay) too.
God know I like the old stuff..(including women) LOL...shsssshhh.
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

eeeewwww....while he is great to look at i don't understand why you like that music. it must be a canadian thing. =)


Shari da loop said...

I like Mr. Buble as well. A definite must have in my collection of Harry, Nora and now the Mr.!!

Soooo... how are feeling now? when do we get to see your chin?

Michelle said...

Well had to admit I had no idea who Michael Buble was, but I like that song!! I'm off to find it to download!!

Hope to see the new chin soon!

erin said...

i do enjoy mr buble!! take good care!