Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Leno Mini

Ok so I am about to show you some photo's of my new chin but first I feel the need to express how I am feeling after this surgery. I won't go into too much detail but I will say that I was surprised to find the "head on" length of my chin had grown along with the profile length. The profile change, well that's what I went in for. A deeper chin, not so much. Turns out that because of the crazy angle of my ill formed jaw, the length was an unforeseen result that the docs couldn't do anything about.

Admittedly it has been hard for me to get used to. Nothing that I have felt the need to cry over, (ok maybe once while the swelling was still crazy) but whilst the swelling was still bad, there were many whiny moments where my husband had to talk me down. It's a whole new face shape and thus I felt the need to hit a local salon and get a new cut that would better flatter my shiny new chin. It's hard to tell from the photo's but there is still lots of swelling and it will take a few months before it will be gone completely.

You may have read a few comments back when my brother asked if I got the Leno or the Heston, well a few days after my surgery I called and told him, in a slightly shaky voice.."I think I got the Leno." Granted, you should have seen it then! Haha.

Without further ado...

Aaawwwww, gotta love self timers...hehe.


Anonymous said...

i scrolled down and there was this different person looking at me. i have sat here looking at you adjusting. i know that if i was talking to you and seeing in you in person it would be so different. you are so pretty.

oh, btw, i don't smell the fart. lmbo

luv' you


Zee said...

Hahaha... for those who want to know the "fart" refrence, for the first couple weeks after surgery, I was stiffly swollen and thus when I tried to smile I looked like I just smelt a fart...hehehe.

Thanks Suzy Q. :)

ShelleyinGA said...

Beautiful before, and beautiful after! Love the new you...and your hair style is super cute!!!

Michelle said...

I think your gorgeous! The new chin is great!! And I love the new hair.

You don't look a bit like Leno!! Really!

wendy said...

you look great. congrats again. wendy

cari said...

definetly not a Leno! FAB-U-LOUS!

Anonymous said...

Hey Danea!
Glad the Surgery went well...
You look so BEAUTIFUL!
(but then again, you did before to...)
I Love the new haircut.
I am so jealous.

Fruiloopgirl said...

Absolutely gourgeous!!!!!

not even a little leno! really!!!