Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Trip

No I'm not talking about the one I made on the edge of the sidewalk while bringing the garbage cans in. Besides I am sure no one saw that. What I AM talking about is the flight I'll be catching in a few hours to go visit with Susanne. She invited me up to do some Make 'N' Takes for her VIP night she is hosting tomorrow at her store. Not only do I have to do very little work for this free trip, but I get to spend most of it visiting...Yippee!

While preparing what I need to pack last night in my head, I had yet another bitter sweet thought. This may be one of the last carefree trips I take for a loooong while. It's been so nice being able to get up and go when I please, but that will all soon change. Geez kids sure make a mess of everything. Who's wise idea was it to get pregnant anyway? Oh ya, mine.

Better be worth it. ;)

P.S. Jeff shares half the blame...haha.


Miss M! said...

Aw, I'm jealous! You get to go see Susanne. I'd love to get to go see Susanne. I mean, you're okay to see too, I GUESS...sheesh.

How long till we know if the jelly bean is a Bean-er or a Bean-na? Or will we?

DH said...

LOL! Bean-er/Bean-na You're quite the comic, miss m! I'll take half the blame for the kid as long as it's understood that my contributed half is the better half!

christina said...

lol i just love your sense of humor LOL and yes babies/kids change everything but omg they are sooooo worth it :D

ohh and jeff you are too freakin funny, don't ya know that the better half will be from the mommy since she will be the one carrying him/her and giving birth? LOL