Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So Busy...So Little Time...

So much has happened the past two weeks, that I cannot possibly catch up in one post, but since I am so far behind I figured I better get a start on it.

The biggest news is welcoming my newest niece, Hunter to the family. Mom, Dad & baby are all doing well. Dad seems to hog her, at least that's how it appears since he is with her in every picture...hehe.

Is that a proud Papa or what?!

Here's her first scrapbook page...

My mom has been in town all week and goes home tomorrow. We have been busy baby shopping and ordered all the nursery furniture, so hopefully we can start getting that ready this weekend. Early, I know but I am just so excited!

Last I will post a picture from yesterday. You can't really see how big I am from this angle but I swear I am growing by the minute! Feel free to check out my cutie patootie husband too, just don't get any idea's, I'm pretty sure he's taken.


christina said...

OMG hunter is sooooo BEAUTIFUL and her daddy looks sooo PROUD. i love babies LOL. her first page is AWESOME AND OHH SO CUTE. as always your lo's ROCK!!!!!

and omg your belly is sooo cute and i can tell that your belly is getting bigger, that pic is sooo precious. i can't wait to see it scrapped LOL. ohh and your dh is pretty HOT too LOL.

strawberrygirl said...

Thank you Auntie Danea!!!! I love my first L.O. page you made for me. I can't wait to meet you!

Love, Hunter xoxoxoxoxox

erin said...

beautiful baby! congratulations to your family. adorable lo too!

Anonymous said...

lol! funny how lil' Hunter has her own "Beatnik Termites" avatar at such a young age.

gorgeous, sweet baby girl. congrats.