Monday, April 30, 2007


Can't a pregnant woman catch a break? After numerous phone requests, emails and threats, ok maybe not threats but you all know who you are, I am FINALLY updating. Apparently I have numerous fans **coughfamily&friendscough** who anxiously await news on my sometimes boring life. Of course the past few weeks have been anything but boring. In fact they have been so unboring that I have had little to no time to post, sleeping & well needed naps taking priority of course.

I may not be able to catch everything up in one post but here's a shot... the last you all heard my mom was here, well she left and is home now, thank goodness...haha, just kidding mom! I then had one week to complete another couple assignments, clean out the nursery, prepare for a garage sale, clean house and get a bed set up for Susanne's visit. I am sure there was more in there but I just simply cannot remember.

Here's the last assignments I did.

The photo lifts to reveal journaling.

The photo lifts on this one too, the journaling reads...A Baby. We are actually going to have a baby. Jeff and I have discussed children since before we were married. As the years passed the more we leaned towards never having children. We even went as far as preparing our families for the possibility that it may never happen. Then one night while chatting in the garage, the topic surfaced again, first about some close friends that decided to start trying, then about my age and my RA. The next thing I know our minds were made up. “Maybe we should go for it.” Said Jeff. “Really? You really want to try and have a baby?” “Why not? Seems like a good time to start.” “Ok, let’s do it. So we have made a decision? We’re really gunna go for it!?” “Sure, let’s have a baby.” “Ok, let’s have a baby!” *Insert squeal of excitement here.* We ordered a fertility monitor, I stopped my birth control and two & a half months later we had conceived! It’s funny how my emotions have roller coasted but they have finally settled on excitement, joy and how anxious I am to meet this little boy. What I first viewed as a sacrifice of time and lifestyle, has turned into a blessing and new faze of our lives that we cannot wait to begin! We are adding something to our lives that we never really new was missing. A Baby. Another piece of the puzzle that we call family. April 8th,2007

Ok so moving right along, Susanne and I worked aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll week on my scraproom. What a great gal to come and help me out with that! She worked her butt off! I am so happy with how it has turned out and that everything has a place..tehehe. Here are a couple of pictures but to see more views of my cool, revamped space click HERE.

Ok, so I am off to bed. So much for my full update. Just. Too. Tired. But I will continue my update promises on that so please be patient before throwing the "Update Or Die" note tied to the brick, through my window. Ha! But things get more detailed from here and thus will take more time and alertness. Both of which I am lacking.

G'Night Everyone.


LYnne said...

i am so excited for you! miss you!

erin said...

love the title and puzzle lo!
i crave organization...yet with two babies, i'm good just to scrap at the moment...someday!
happy tuesday!

mom said...

could you pass this along please.... Suzzane when are you coming to do my room, Daneas mom! hee hee hee
A great job was done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danea! Love you ! Miss you guys!