Monday, May 14, 2007

Time Flies When Your As Big As A House...

Ok, So some will say I am not big at all. But after sending this picture(23weeks)...

to my brother his response when he called the next day... "So how are ya, besides BIG AS A HOUSE!" LOL. Granted this picture does make me look huge, must be the outfit cuz I really don't look that big in other things as you will see in the next pic. My belly seems to grow by the day! Now, my brothers wife barely showed, but I will add I am more than happy about showing. Plus I have the extra bonus at saying that I have only gained my weight in the belly and , uh higher...but that's another post. I have pulled out multiple pairs of low rider capris and pajama bottoms that seem to fit my butt better then they did last year so that is pretty sweeeeet!

Since I am soooo behind at posting I am going to make a little list as to why I have been so busy/tired to keep this darn blog updated.

-Moms trip here for a week.
-Completely cleaning out spare/junk room to become the nursery.
-Cleaning over hall of large hall closet to find space for junk room stuff.
-Susanne's week long visit and awesome scraproom job! Woohoo!
-Sudden spotting and panic attack, which thankfully turned out to be nothing.
-Strange sudden onset of sleep apnia, which I have never had before and doctors visit to try and find the reason. No explanation but finally breathing and sleeping fine after two weeks.
-Prep for a huge garage sale three days after Susanne leaves.
-Huge garage sale on Friday...very successful!
-Second day of garage sale MIL falls and breaks her shoulder as we were setting up tables. That woman will do anything to avoid a garage sale...hehe.
-MIL moves in with us so I can easily take care of her as it was her right arm. But sadly she leaves today, and I mean REALLY leaves as tomorrow morning they are moving back to Austin TX for good. :(
-Doctors trips for her and I.
-New TT assignments...slow going as I am so tired all the time.
-Terrible round ligament pains, barely able to walk for almost a week...and still have them but thankfully I only moan and grown when I stand up or roll over in bed...hehe.
-Migraine headache started after midnight Fri morning. By 5pm Friday afternoon I was told to go in to Labor & Delivery as nothing took the headache away. The headache stopped as soon I was put in a room...figures. Stayed for 4 hours with Jeffypoo, kept cracking up about stupid stuff and then went home."Sure she has a headache" is what the nurses must have been thinking as we were laughing every time they came in. Hospitals can be funny places.
-Was back in labor & delivery by 10am as the headache came back with a vengeance. Stayed until 5pm. Was given Demerol, and two other migraine meds, by IV. Slept the rest of the night and late on Mothers Day. Headache better but still not totally gone..thankfully it's barely there so all is good.

So that pretty much sums it up...well throw in three fancy lunches...retirement(MIL), mini baby shower tea party and fancy luncheon/fashion show of a friend. It has really been a whirlwind here. Plus Jeff's eBay store Firearm Essentials has been a success and so I help him with packaging each night.

Last but not least Asa has been kicking up a storm the past few weeks. He's even gotten strong enough for Jeff to feel them. But as luck would have it, he usually stops kicking when Jeff puts his hand on my belly. He also has a two days on, two days off schedule. He kicks and spins and dances like mad for two days and then he is so inactive for the next two days I have to pull out the rented doppler(gotta love that thing) just to make sure he's still in there. Here are a couple pics from my first "almost" Mothers Day. I figure since I am caring for and feeding him every few hours I am a least honorary...hehe.

See, not looking quite as huge as the pink tracksuit pics...LOL. Oh but the sweetest teller at the drug store asked what the occasion was when my MIL and I stopped in last night for some makeup.

I asked "What do you mean 'what occasion'?"

"Well, your all dressed up in white."

"Oh." Giggle "No occasion, I'm just cute and pregnant." And I turned sideways to show him my belly.

We continued our friendly banter which my MIL insisted was him flirting with me, I told her no, he was just being friendly. Although his "But your so itty bitty" remark made me feel pretty darn good cuz I'm the heaviest I have ever been in my life! LOL.

Like me, you may all be thinking, now who the heck happily tells a stranger that they are cute...apparently I do and my MIL and I had a good chuckle about me actually saying that. Really I'm not a vain person it just came out. And if I had had a camera I would show you the ice cream we (Jeff, MIL and I) went out for right after the the drugstore. Why? Because mine was so huge and overflowing compared to theirs that we had a good chuckle about the boy serving us thinking I was cute too(allegedly, just following the evenings theme)...LOL. Of course Jeff said that it was only because he noticed I was eating for two. Mom said she would have me order hers next time, and then added "Heck, if ya got it, flaunt it. Or at least use it while you can."

So here's my tip for the day, if you are feeling pretty or good about yourself, let it show. Hold your head high and wear a big smile. Heck it may even get you more ice cream!


strawberrygirl said...

Danea...I still think you look big...but you are so beautiful! Pregnancy really suits you. You sound like you have been accomplishing a lot...good for you. Get as much done as you can...he may decide to make an early appearance like Hunter:)

I miss you a lot, and can't wait for our little ones to meet. Don't worry about the ligament will pass soon. Your next big challenge will be finding a way to sleep comfortably. The pillow under the belly thing works great!

Genevieve said...

You do look big girl, but it's a good big! I had my little girl 8 weeks ago today and I already miss that feeling of being pregnant. I must be nuts!

Devon said...

You look great!!!

erin yamabe said...

you look beautiful!

christina said...

omgosh danea YOU ARE SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! and heck yah, if ya got might as well flaunt it LOL. you are making me miss being prego LOL ohh and i think your belly is HUGE for 23 weeks.

okay so i am gonna guess his weight now LOL and length.

i guess he will be 8lbs 14oz and 21 inches long.

Anonymous said...

oh, christina. the things you wish upon my girl. lol

i will put in my guess. since jeff is an average sized guy i will say 7lbs 10oz and 19in long. There Danea. I saved you a little pain. LOL

The white dress is da' bomb!!


cari said...

not a house...a double wide maybe... ;)

Yer Daddy said...

I'm guessing 9 mother,like son...
Call it Dorothy's revenge :-))))

christina said...

LOL sorry danea's mom but that is my guess and i am stickin with it LOL