Sunday, June 03, 2007

Baby Registry

There is sooo much that has happened over the past week but I will have to put those posts off for now. I will do my best to post multiple times this week to share in all our news, but for now I must address our baby registry. Since I have had multiple people ask if and where we are registered I figured my blog should be the best way to get this info out as most of my friends and family check in here. ;)

Yes, we are registered here at: Baby's R Us Just type in Danea or Jeff Burleson, and you are good to go.

As for all our Canadian loved ones, this IS an American site so those are American $$$. But the great thing is you can direct ship to me as my address is there and you can even add a greeting so I know who it's from. Yes that will mean adding on shipping costs BUT most of you would have to ship anyways and have to deal with freakin' customs! So this is probably the easiest way to go.

With that said I really want to emphasize how much we would appreciate those who want to buy a gift for baby Asa, to purchase from the registry. Pretty much everything on there, ok, except for the organic clothes & the Santa set, which were just plain cute, are things we need and will have to get sooner or later, and sooner's coming quick! HA! Now this doesn't mean we actually expect the $300 stroller, that's more for us to remember the model because unfortunately my crippled hands were only able to operate that one. Of ALLLLLLL the strollers in that store, that was the only "Danea Friendly" model, sigh, but it is a beauty...hehe. There is a vast price range so please don't feel you have to buy extravagantly, we will be overjoyed and thankful for everything AND anything we receive.

For those of you who have inquired I hope this helps. Thanks everyone!


Devon said...

We just bought you guys something off of there. You will probably get it this week. No opening it until your shower though!!!

strawberrygirl said...

Sigh.....I LOVE Babies R Us....

christina said...

WOOOHOOOO i am off to go see what ya want :D

hey so when do we get more pics of your cute prego belly?