Saturday, May 26, 2007


We are starting the work on the nursery today!! Yippee.

We have had the furniture stored in the garage for over a month, but with schedule conflicts, a wounded MIL and wasted weekends being sick, we have yet to make a dent on the "will be Asa's room." I just realized I haven't posted pics of the is the set we decided on, the color we went with is called Rustic Cherry, not the one shown, much darker but these are the actual three pieces. The cool thing is the crib converts to todler, and then a full. The armoire can convert to a tv stand too so that is good, maybe it will end up being his computer desk for school...such possibilities..hehe.

The room is now all cleared out and we will get started right after lunch! We painted the room blue when we moved in a few years ago. Jeff likes blue walls. Me, not so much, but it was the spare room so I didn't mind. Who knew we'd end up having a little boy and it would save us trouble someday...hehe. We are however not scott free when it comes to painting. Like I could do anything without adding details. HA! Nope I went and bought a very rich dark red that we will be painting along the bottom, to chair rail hight. Then we will add a wallpaper boarder that matches the bedding set. Hopefully it will all be dry for us to bring in the furniture and start setting up on Monday(tomorrow is the first air show of the season..woohoo). I am so excited to get this room done!

The only piece we are still waiting for is the glider rocker. We ordered a beauty, but it will be at least another 4 weeks I imagine. We were kinda bummed that they can be so expensive, but after long discussions we thought it better to buy a good quality piece that we can have for years to come then something cheap. Not to mention I am married to a nicely broad man, which I love, but when it came to rockers he couldn't fit comfortably into a regular model without his arms falling off the sides. So we had to get the "Grande". But hey, he is willing to take early morning feedings when he gets up for work so I want my boys to be comfy! Of course my pickiness kicked in when it came to the ottoman and I had to have the upgraded model with the solid foot rest that slides out for steady rocking. So between the two of us, we sure can spend...haha. Here's the chair we are getting, the only difference is the material is a textured faux suede that is a dark olive green, and the wood stain is very dark, almost black called espresso.

Man have there been times I wished we'd had it already! Ok, Lunch is on it's way. I'll be sure to post pictures when we are done!


Jessie said...

you will loooooove having padded armrests. Beautiful furniture - can't wait to see pics of it all set up in baby's room!!

christina said...

OMG IT IS GONNA BE BEAUTIFUL and you definately got some long lasting furniture. I SOOOO CAN'T WAIT to see the room all done SO GET BUSY GF LMAO.

Genevieve said...

The furniture is beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of the finished room!