Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baby Shower Etiquette .

I've never had one,and never hosted one. So when the topic came up, I had to make some decisions. Since all my family(including Jeff's) live in Canada or out of state, this includes most of my close friends also, I was kinda left to try and figure things out. I was pretty sure one does not usually host a shower by themselves, but who would host mine? I decided to call Susanne, yes Susanne in Oregon, and ask if she would be willing to do the honors of being the host. Again I am pretty sure one does not usually ask another to throw them a shower but I wasn't sure what else to do. She happily said yes.

I'll try and make a long story short. The shower is this Sat, June 16th. When it came time to buy and send out the invites I had a REALLY hard time. Who do you or don't you invite. Do you invite people you know can't make it because they live so far away? Do you invite those you don't know very well but would love to get together with? At what point do your invites appear to look like you just want gifts? Sigh. I had a lot of ruff decisions to make and in the end I'm not sure if I did the right thing. This whole post is pretty much me thinking out loud, and maybe something I should have asked a long time ago...LOL.

Here's the thing...I had a few friends I didn't invite because I knew they wouldn't be able to make it and I didn't want them to feel bad **coughCari&Lindsaycough**. But now I wonder if they will be more upset knowing they didn't get an invite? Then there are those whom I don't know very well but would love to get together with or even meet in person, just because it's a party, for example my faithful blog readers, Erin, Genevieve, Christina, my loyal stocker(whom has been very quiet lately...hehe). And I can't leave out the Scrap Yard girls whom have always been so sweet to me over the years but they are all in Oregon also, so again not likely to make it. And lastly I cannot forget Suzy and some of the other Garage Girls (Erin can join this group too...LOL)whom are always so friendly and great company during the few times we have been able to get together, but again, at what point does it just seem weird to send invites to those you don't know all that well? So this large group of people did not get invites mostly for fear of people perceiving me as odd or even greedy to invite so many people I don't really know. Now if showers didn't come with the gift factor, I would have sent out more invites as all I really want is a party and to play lots of games, which we do indeed have!! Teehee!

Now with that all said I sent out about 20 invites, only one person actually RSVP until I called around and asked because I wasn't going to let Susanne spend money on an airline ticket if there would only be 3 of us! I pretty much only called the local people and as of now we are a whopping party of seven...LOL. Still many of those invited never acknowledged the invite, granted they may live far away, but a simple reply would have been nice. I seriously don't understand the lack or RSVP's anymore. Do people not know what that means? Are we really that inconsiderate of a society that we can't be bothered? Regardless of the occasion actual planning DOES have to take place and a head count can make a huge difference. But hey that's a whole other rant that I don't need to get into.

I guess my point in all this is that all of you were thought of, not forgotten. I don't want anyone feeling like they were left out. I seriously just wasn't sure on the proper etiquette regarding this whole thing. And hey if any of you local girls are free on Sat and want to come to a party, shoot me an email. I would love to have you here....and please no gift is necessary, just a smile and some fun! We are soooo gunna ROCK the Poopy Diaper game!!

**Edited to add: In no way was this post meant as a way to try and snag more gifts...Oh My God, do you see how paranoid I am? I actually debated deleting this whole thing! I'm just gunna blame it on pregnancy hormones!


marie said...

Oh all right, I admit that I am a lurker here at your blog. :)

My name is also Genevieve and I am the one on your counter from Far West Texas. My blogger name is my middle name, Marie.

Ok, I am going back to my cubby hole now, lol!

Miss M! said...

Aw, that sounds like so much fun! I'd go if I lived closer, for sure. I got you something ( I didn't know when or if you were having a shower, so you probably won't have it by then!) that I need to mail. I bet you guys have a great time. There's always fun to be had when Danea and Susanne are involved!


Zee said...

Hi Marie(Genevieve) From west Texas! I am always happy to out another lurker...or at least discover that I actually HAVE lurkers...LOL.

Wanna come to a shower...LMBO!

Miss M...What the heck, you were actually someone who DID get an invite! Wonder what black whole that ended up in? That's a bummer, but thanks for thinking of me. Oh, and I pretty much figured you couldn't come, but you were one of the closer friends. See what I mean...dang this whole invite shenanigans!

Oh, Asa's got the hiccups.....yet again...

cari said...

well, I may not have made it on to the invite list, but I'm glad I made the top of the non-invite list! That's better then being on no list! Hahaha...
Have a good time!

Zee said...

Cari, you know I would love to have you here! And you were on the list, just got crossed off. Crap that doesn't sound any better does it!? You know what I mean. I miss you regardless and would love to see you, just that I know so much is going on in your life right now. No worries, we'll get together sooner than later hopefully! ;)

Anonymous said...

Danea you are too funny! I'd be there if I were closer...have a great shower :)


mom said...

sometimes you are way to much like me. We were born to worry about everyone elses feelings.
Next time just send shower invites and put on it no gifts please.
I love you. Mom

Zee said...

Next Time?? Who said there will be a next time?

marie said...

*Sitcks head outside cubby hole..*

I would love to come to your shower, but it's kinda far from where I live. :)

I would like to say that I think you are very brave (and strong too) to be pregnant. I also have RA and I know I would be so exhausted if I had to carry extra weight. Though I did read once in a medical journal that pregnancy can put a temporary halt on symptoms of RA and other AI problems.

I don't use Enbrel like you do, I use Humira. Initially, it stings like crazy after it is injected, but the relief it provides makes it all worth it.

strawberrygirl said...

Danea, Danea, Danea....you worry too much. Your friends and family love you so much, and are so happy for you and Jeff. Asa will change your priorities and what you worry about. I wish I could be there as well....I seriously can't wait for Hunter and Asa to have some pictures together. They will be the cutest cousins in the history of the world:)

christina said...

HI DANEA, i am here i am here LMAO.

i feel so special that you thought of me :D i mean i seriously feel special :D btw how far away are you from me? i live an hour north of sacramento. maybe sometime we could get together? i would love that.

ohh the RSVP thing and not getting a response is very annoying when trying to plan something.

if i wasn't BROKE as all get out i would totally pop on down for your shower. HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE?

also know what we did this last weekend? we threw an online baby shower. that would be sooo fun and we could do that for you too. i'm gonna shoot ya an email :D

the poopy diaper game is sooo much fun LOL at one baby shower we did that and i was tasting the poop LMAO. everyone was lookin at me like i was GROSS but hey its only candy LOL.

anyway i want to see pics and lots of them LOL.

MIL said...

Danea, Okay - you do worry about too many things. Just enjoy the occasion. Wish I could be there, however I didn't get an invite. (he he he) Hope there are lots of pictures to see.


wendy said...

I think you are overthinking it, zee. and I say that with affection... I've given many baby and wedding showers. I've had two baby, and one wedding, myself. seven is a great number. I've even been to the "3" shower. it was fine b/c we were all great buds. The key is to celebrate you and your baby and I know you'll do that.

have a great time sat.


Genevieve said...

I think you are overthinking it too! Everyone knows pregnant women are crazy! That's the beauty of being pregnant...it's a good excuse for everything. Forgot to invite you to the shower...pregnant. Locked my keys in the car...pregnant. Drove home with the gas cap off...pregnant. (And I've done this!) Have a great shower and hope you get lots of goodies!

cari said...

ouare having a good shower, sorry I couldn't be there!