Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Life In The Fast Lane

Before I begin filling you all in on the past weeks events I want to send a couple of shout outs to two very dear people to me. First to my dear sweet Jeff, who although got very sick last week spent night after late night, massaging my back. **Coughasanygoodhusbandshoulddocough** Hehe. But seriously with all the work and cleaning last week, my back got really bad and he was so sweet to take the time to make sure I was feeling better and comfy. Not to mention he did last minute furniture arranging, tidying(his desk and I didn't even ask him to)and running around for my shower. Oh how I love my man!

The second goes to Miss Susanne who did such a wonderful job hosting my shower, keeping the party flowing and the cleaning and prep before hand. It went off without a hitch and I couldn't have done it with out you and Jeff. I love you both lots so thanks so much for everything!

Now let's begin. Friday before the shower we had our second 3D U/S and both Susanne and my FIL attended as he is in town right now. But our little booger man decided to be difficult and hid his face again. We got two face shots and then decided to call it quits as he brought both his feet and hands up in front of his face. We will do the free reschedule for next week. Hopefully he will have turned by then as he still has his head tucked nicely below my ribs. If he turns we have a better chance at some face shots. He's an active little man though. Always moving and constantly getting the hiccups. His head feels like an apple that can be neatly cupped when I lay on the bed. Teehee. Profile shots: He's actually got some baby fat now!

Now on to the shower. We had a blast...well, at least I did..haha. We played 8 different games, two being more of a draw, if you have the poopy diaper pin or the sticky bun that says "Asa" inside, which I had and didn't want as I was trying not to win games, so I gave the grand prize to another lady. I am 9 Charmin squares in girth, which no one guessed right on, so a tie breaker was done. I also have a keen ability to find tiny safety pins in a bowl of rice and put everyone else to shame...Bwahahaha! Oh and did I mention I Rawk the word scramble? Oh Lord it's hard to be humble...when your perfect in every lala...oops, sorry got side tracked with my personal theme song.

I still chuckle at Missy as she won the "Guess The Poopy Diaper" game, that girl really knows her chocolate! And she had the diaper pin with the poop in it. I think the heavens are trying to tell her something...hahaha!

To my dismay there is not one picture of Susanne as she was behind the camera the whole time. I am sooo bummed about this. The only other person to not have her picture taken was my sweet neighbor Samia who is Muslim and because it was a womans gathering was able to go without her Hijaab, but was not able to be photographed without it. Samia is due July 2 with a little girl, so it's exciting to have a neighbor with a newborn also! (Or should I say soon to have a newborn also.)

Ok, so here are the pics, someone forgot to change the settings on her camera, I won't mention names but for you slow folk, you may be able to figure it out by rereading the last paragraph, so I decided to make a 12x12 collage of pictures as they simply looked better small. Click to see the larger version, not that I still have to remind you all. ;)

The first pic is the favors. I made the pen, ordered the coffee on eBay and the suckers were $.33 at the party store. I added some of my own shots of the decorations(that pathetically are still up) as we didn't get a full room shot! But this way I can remember them. :) The first photo in the second row is the poopy diaper, chocolate of course, the next is Mary looking disgusted at the thought of this game, but was soon cracking up when I did actually taste some. The licking shot was just for fun...LOL. Not a fair game though, because three of the bars were American only and thus I had no idea what they were...LOL. (I'm Canadian, duh)

I think we laughed the most during the rice game. It looks so easy to find the safety pins but it wasn't.(for most) ;)

The flower pens where in a small metal bucket and used as a center/display piece on the table. The picture of the bags are actually the game prize bags and everyone just picked one if they won. I couldn't resist the the almost $5 bag of M&M's just because they were blue but DH has been eating them since so it wasn't a waste. And the last picture is all the gifts propped up in the crib! Not bad for only 7 people coming, but three were sent by people who couldn't make it. Thanks so much ladies for such a good time and for so many wonderful gifts!

So that's all I have for now. I am feeling very nauseous at the moment, not sure why but I may actually hurl, so I am going to publish this post and go lay down.

Peace Out Hommies.


Mom said...

It looks like you had a blast.Wish I could have of been there. It is too bad she couldn't get a pic if you smiling! heheheheheheh

christina said...

omg i can't believe i read this a last week and didn't post a comment. i am soooooooooo sorry. your jeff is sooooooooo sweet. i loved looking at all the pics and wishing i coulda been there. it looks like you had such a blast GF!!!!!!!! AND susanne is DA BOMB for doing such a FABULOUS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

i can't wait till you have your beautiful baby boy in your arms.


christina said...

OMG i forgot to say that asa is ADORABLE i mean absolutely ADORABLE. i just love those 3d ultrasounds.