Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jeff's Mini Me

LOL. I love his one eyed sneak peak in that first pic(taken at the hospital). He does that all the time...hehe.

Also, I am officially lopsided. Yup, lefty is bigger. I'd post a pic but I figured a breast shot would be inappropriate. Now, if my tassels weren't at the dry cleaners then I would. I wonder if lopsidedness will affect the tassels spin ability? Hmmmm. If so then Delicious Danea won't be performing next week.


christina said...

AWWWWWW i love the pics, you both are soooo sweet with him and he is soooo ADORABLE.

ps: in my last comment i forgot to mention how adorable you two are.

DH said...

I already got my ticket - so you better not disappoint!

Genevieve said...

OMG! I actually laughed out loud at that pic! That is too funny! They do look alike. It's probably the bald head.