Thursday, October 04, 2007

First Asa Layout!

Here it is, my very first baby layout. Yup, my little man, my bugga boo, my chunky monkey, has finally made his debut into my world of scrappin'. There's no turning back now. It's a good day!

Since you can't really see the detail I took some close up pics. I used Technique Tuesdays Irony set. Each image was stamped with TT's gray ink, I then filled the image in with a light blue glaze pen. When that dried I highlighted the image with a black glaze pen. I also added twinkling H2O's to the diamond chipboard and paper which you can't really see in the photo's, nor can you see all the beautifuuul crystals.

On another note: In regards to yesterdays post, for those among us that are a wee bit slower than most, NO those are not real birthmarks on Asa's butt. It would be biologically impossible to have a birthmark in such a distinct shape. DUH!

We had them tattooed on.


Susanne P. said...

that is so different than what i was picturing when you explained it to me on the phone. it is soooo gorgeous. i love it all.

i still have go to break in to the world of those glaze pens!

Miss M! said...

Wow. The level of intricacy and detail that you are capable of just blows my mind. And to think, all I've used my glaze pens for was to draw on my skeleton's face, and I thought I was so clever! HA!

Devon said...

Just saw this on JM, and my jaw dropped. It's so gorgeous!! What does the writing around the pic say?

strawberrygirl said...

1 more sleep til the babies meet:)