Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Mini Novel

It's been a while since I've updated, but you all know that. I've been busy, but a good busy. Not only am I back in the scrapin' game with a truck load of assignments (not a loud to share yet, but hopefully next month) I also went on a trip. Well actually Asa and I went on a trip. Yup, we flew up to Canada to visit my family. Jeff wasn't able to join us, somebody has to pay the bills, haha. But before I get into that, here's a picture from last weekend, my little "almost 3 month old" aint so little anymore. In fact he is over 15lbs!! What a little chunk!

My little man was an angel to travel with! I was a bit nervous that he would scream from the pressure change but he managed to be asleep before take off on every flight. I did hear the occasional whimper during take off and landing but that was it. I was prepared for the worst though. I had a passifier in hand, although he rarely takes one, a bottle ready to mix and I even wore a nursing bra if both other "shut 'im up" attempts failed. But no need for any of that as he was a joy to travel with...yay! The only difficulty was carrying him, so let me share with you all, what it is like for an arthritic to travel with an infant.

On arrival for my flight up to Bellingham, I told the lady at the counter that I would be needing assistance to get my child onto the airplane. We didn't purchase any seats for him but every flight had empty ones and Alaska Airlines has a policy which allows you to take an infant and car seat on if there are available seats, and to my pleasure there was. The only downfall is that I cannot carry the car seat with him in it. I was traveling with the stroller and car seat, they check the stroller at the gate and if need be the car seat too. Upon stating my dilemma of needing someone to carry my child onto the aircraft I was met with resistance. Phrases like "I cannot gauruntee that someone can help you." and "We cannot hold the flight for you." (this one was said repeatedly)where thrown my way. I explained that I have a disability and this was the only thing I needed help with as I cannot physically do this. Again she just kept saying " I'm just letting you know that we may not be able to assist you as we cannot risk injuring one of our employees." This woman was coming up with any excuse now and I was starting to get irritated. In fact if it came down to me standing at the bottom of the stairs of the aircraft and screaming for help from another passenger I would have...LOL. But before I got too angry I calmly asked her what was meant by the agent who announces before boarding "Those needing assistance, and those traveling with small children can preboard now?" She said that is for those needing assistance. I kid you not, that was her reply. So I responded with "Well I need assistance, does this not mean me?" "It's for people in wheelchairs."

Now if you had been standing there you would have seen me turn red like on the cartoons, the line was slowly rising up my face, even Jeff was getting annoyed at this womans lack of concern and compassion. He turned to me and said "Lets go get you a wheelchair" to which I snickered, and that helped reduce the anger that was about to explode "So you are telling me that I cannot get assistance because I am not in a wheelchair?" My volume was rising despite my attempts to stay calm. "I do in fact have a physical disability that renders me unable to carry my child onto the aircraft and you are telling me that no one is able or willing to help me carry him on to the plane!?" "I am just saying that we cannot hold the flight for you," and now using a condescending/attempt to be sympathetic tone "and there may not be anyone who can help you, so now you know for next time." At this point I simply gave up with this woman and let my faith in humanity take over. She was obviously ignorant and I found it hard to believe that no one would want to help me. Jeff, on the other hand was growing more concerned as we walked towards the check point. I reassured him that we would be fine. Hey, I have lived with RA for as long as I can remember and this wouldn't be the first time I would be depending on a stranger for help. You're talking to a gal who asked another unknown woman to do up her pants in a restroom, yup, stranger circumstances have happened, and yes the woman helped me with a smile.

So there I was standing in the waiting area when preboading was called. I was the only one to approach and kindly asked if there would be anyone to assist me in carrying my son on board. "Yes, of course." said the young ticket agent with a smile. "I will" and off we went onto the tarmac where she happily scooped up Asa in his seat, greeting him with baby talk as I folded up the stroller and grabbed my bags. That's right, there was no hesitation when it came down to it, just one crabby ticket agent who felt the need, for whatever reason, to be difficult. In fact every flight, 4 in total, went as smoothly. In Bellingham I was told that I would have to wait until everyone was checked in before she could help as she was the only person available. That was fine with me, so I headed out to the A La Cart stand and started unloading my stuff off the stroller. Before I could say alabaster, not sure why I would say alabaster, it's just a word to show how quickly it happened, 4 kind ladies where grabbing Asa and all my bags and carrying everything on board for me. I actually had to say, "I can carry that, let me carry something." LOL. They were so sweet! All in all traveling with him was pretty easy, even enjoyable. Let's just hope it's as easy on the 16th when the whole famn damily goes to Austin for Thanksgiving. At least Daddy will be with us and can do all the heavy carrying!

As for my trip, the day I arrived I lost my voice and then became very sick. That's right I had my first cold in 2 years during my first visit home since March 2006! But besides being sick it was great to see everyone and I loved getting to finally meet my niece! I stayed with Dusten, which was really nice as I got to spend so much time with him and his family. Nothing too exciting happened, as I said, I was sick and made the best of it. I got to eat all the foods I had been missing, poutine fries, A&W's mozza burger....mmmmm,lots of baked lasagna (something I have yet to find here in the states as it's not the common layered kind). All in all it was a great trip and now for a few pictures from a trip to the park.

Asa, looking like a model in a fall catalog, but unimpressed about it all...hehe.

Uncle D and Asa...aaahhhhh!

Asa, Uncle D and Hunter. Did I meantion that my 2.5 month old son is the same size as his 6.5 month old cousin! LOL In his defence she really is a bitty little thing. ;)

I just love this picture and you'll be seeing it on a TT layout very soon. :)

Ok, No time to edit this post so please ignore all typos and spelling mistakes. Happy weekend everyone!


strawberrygirl said...

Wow...the picture that Dusten is holding them....Asa and Hunter look so much alike! I never noticed it before....

Anonymous said...

Hi there, so glad to see your posting again. Asa is getting so big. They sure grow up fast. Cant wait to see your assignments. Take care and have a great holiday season. Cant believe I am saying that. But it is approaching soon. Pam

Susanne P. said...

and there are those eyes again right on your brother. Asa's eyes definately come from your side of the family.

love his hat!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

WOW I can't believe you had to deal with that crabby lady at the airport...I'm so glad you got the help you needed...I know that if I was there I'd would have help you out :) I am glad you had a great trip home and your little Asa is just so adorable!