Friday, November 30, 2007

Where'd they Go?

I know it has been a while. Sheesh... a kid, assignments and travel sure can suck up time! I will undoubtedly have to break up this post as there is a lot of things I would like to mention!

We spent Thanksgiving in Austin. Yup, the whole famn damily traveled down to spend the holiday with Jeff's mom, brother and some friends (his dad came here to pet sit for us). It was a very nice trip and kiddo, once again was an angel on all the flights! He did end up being a lap child on two, but slept and ate and was completely enthralled by the call lights and other passengers. Got to love a non screaming child on a long flight! Not to mention it was great to finally get to have some vacation time with Daddy. Once again it was my duty to decorate the table. I usually scrounge around the house looking for things to arrange on the table, but this time I had a kick start. When making a last minute run to the grocery store mom and I looked at flower centerpieces. That's when I decide that it would be more fun to just make our own. So we bought different bunches of flowers, a vase and some cranberries, ah, cranberries, sooo p.r.e.t.t.y. Alas, this was how it all turned out...

In case you are wondering those are oranges and limes in there too..hehe. It looked so purdy, if I do say so myself. ;)

I snapped a few photo's of Asa while we were there. The weather was crappy most of the trip but we had some sun sneak in and I jumped on the opportunity. My little man is getting so stinkin' big. He weighs in at over 16.5 pounds! If you've ever been to Austin you know that one can't go anywhere with seeing Longhorns paraphernalia, and now chunky monkey has a cool baseball cap and it actually fits, thanks to G-ma!

Finally an updated shot with Mommy

Blowing spit bubbles...he's really good at this...haha.

With Grandma and Hazel

Asa also discovered his upper gums and was constantly rubbing his tongue on them, that's why he has a goofy expression in some of these shots...LOL.

Last week he finally discovered he can use his hands for more than just a chew toy...hehe, so he is really grabbing things now. He laughs a lot now too but he's only amused once or twice and then you have to try and find something else to make him snicker. Tough crowd. On a discouraging note, he has gotten what looks like dry skin rashes and I took him to the docs yesterday to have it checked out and she doesn't thinks it's serious but we see a dermatologist next week too, just to be sure. So last night I had to run over to the drug store cuz baby boy has suspected infant eczema,and we needed some new cleanser before bath time. While I was there I scored big time on some fall decorations. 3 large twig like pumpkins that have battery operated lights inside, two cool decorative moss pumpkins, and two strands of very pretty natural garland made from dried leaves, acorns, pine cones, fake berries etc... all things I had eyed on previous visits but could not justify spending the $$ for. What would have cost me over $87.00 came to a whopping total of, drum roll please...$8.70! Whoo hoo, everything was $1.29 or less! I couldn't believe it. In fact at first I only bought one large twig pumpkin thinking it was odd to have a tea light holder in it, major fire hazard, and I would be wise to simply use it as decoration, but when I pulled it out of the bag at home I saw the more intelligent explanation, it was a light, and thus I ran back and bought the last two they had.

Now worn out from walking back and forth to the store, twice, I ran Asa's bath. Our routine is that I get in the tub, Daddy brings me Asa and then comes and gets him when he's all done. Then mommy fills the tub with hot water and relaxes while Daddy dries, diapers and dresses the kid. Aaahhh, alone time. But as I got undressed, Jeff walked in early, with naked babe in arms, gave me a quick glance and with a sad face like a boy who's puppy has run away asked, "Where did they go?" "They" being my coveted baby boobies. Sigh. Yes my friends, that dreaded day has arrived, easy come easy go. But I am still nursing occasionally and they do still produce, and I guess that's what's important, right?

Pweeff, who am I kidding, I want boobies again!


Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Danea - Asa is getting so big...I think in these photos he is looking a little more like you :)

Susanne P. said...

well it sounds like you are all set for fall decorating next year! now don't forget where you put them. lol

i love that pic of Asa blowing spit bubbles. CJ did that. ALMOST makes me miss those days. ALMOST!

you have such a sweet family. i am so happy for and proud of you.

love you.

Miss M! said...

DANG that's a cute baby! You seriously make the cutest centerpieces. You're so good at decorating a table I can see why you get that job every year.

Anonymous said...

What a chubby wubby! heheheh
I cant wait to see him again!!!