Friday, December 14, 2007

Ba Humbug! Sorta...

I didn't know if it would be worth it. The screaming kids, the line, the $$$. I got in line, then got out. I stood and watched for a while, staring at the price list, then back at the moms and dads, doing everything they could to try and coax a smile, or settle the screams. Besides, he's only 4 months old, he's not going to know the difference. What to do, what to do. "Fine." I said to myself begrudgingly, I'll buy the cheapest package at $17.99 for two crappy digital prints and be on my way.

The line moved along nicely and to my surprise it was mostly infants. I chatted with the friendly couple in front of me with an adorable 3 month old boy named Andrew, gosh he was a cutey! Turns out they were from out of town, she's an RA occupational therapist...and her MIL has RA...small world! Asa finally woke up about 3 people next in line, so I didn't have to worry about a cranky baby.And then we were up. Asa was all smiles and my little dance seemed more for the amusement of others then my kid, who was already grinning ear to ear. The flash went, "Looks great," we said a thank you to the jolly man in red and went to collect our photo's.

To my delight the photo was worth every penny, in fact it may be the only picture of Asa smiling we have. Apparently, he did know the difference and he had been looking forward to seeing Santa all his life...haha. So much so that he actually fussed when I took him from Santa's lap! LOL. Gotta love him! I can't stop looking at the picture because it not only makes me smile, it makes me laugh! My Christmas spirit has been rekindled.

Now doesn't he look, just a teeny weeney bit, (and yes this is coming from his mom who thinks he's handsome and adorable and all that good stuff), but can't you just see a itsy bitsy hint of The Goonies "Sloth" in this shot?

Hey it's baby sloth!

And no I haven't dropped him on his head.

Very much.

HO HO HO, Merry Christmas.


Miss M! said...

You don't see too many Santa pics with babies grinning that wide... he's so cute!

I've never seen the Goonies though.

Devon said...

What a great picture!!! I don't think it could have been any better.
LOL about the sloth comment. Baby Ruth?

Yer Dad said...

well its a step up from the Homer Simpson pic hahahaha
Hes a handsome lad.

Susanne P. said...

OMG! what a grin on that kid. you couldn't have asked for anything better.

i can see the other people around you going "look lady, the kid is smiling already, chill out, you look like a dork!" LMAO

you should figure out some way to get that onto fabric and make that a patch or something on his stocking. that way it will always have his "first christmas" pic on it.

give him a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

So Sweet, he is getting so big, I graduated from kids to dogs. I took my Scruffy and had his picture taken with Santa, it is actually a present for my mom, I cant wait to give it to her. Have a wonderful Holiday. Pam

Missy said...

Damn that is probably the best santa picture I have ever seen. Now as for the sloth comment I think only a baby's mother could make that comment in public...I will hold my comment for the privacy of my own home where Jim and I can laugh at him together...does he like chocolate? LOL