Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You may remember a while back I spoke of a bunch of assignments. Well today is the day I can finally share them with you all! But just so you aren't disappointed, almost all my assignments were for new LO's using existing products so there may only be one or two with any new product on them. The reason I was told to hold off on sneak peeks was that Technique Tuesday wanted the catalog to be fresh and new and thus no peeking at layouts. For those who are unaware, TT's catalog is also an idea book! :)

I have lots of layouts so I'll do this over a few days.

First up is "Ya Right!"

I know you can't read the journaling but it pretty much says that while the baby sleeps I need to eat, bathe, tidy up, try and get a load of laundry in and since he was sleeping in such short spurts, he would be awake again before I had a chance to do much of anything...LOL. Oh and did I mention I was nearly at the breaking point if I heard one more person give this thoughtful but useless advice...haha.

Stamps Used: Williamsburg, Straight & Narrow, Infinite Wisdom, Shadows Rings & Little Things, Borderline- Domestic Bliss. Technique Tiles.

Watching You Explore

A photo I took of Hunter last fall. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite layouts. I stamped the floral on transparency in black, then painted the backside with red and green. To finish I added white dots with a glaze pen.

Stamps Used:Botanica, Straight & Narrow, In A Word:Children, Olde World Squares. Scallop Borders and tile.


This is one of the pics from our not so great photo shoot, but at least you can't tell he's angry...haha.

Stamps Used: Serendipity. Main Street, Whispygigs, Simple Sentiments, Free Press.

My Handsome Boys

I wanted to try something different, so I went with a sideways title. I like it.

Stamps Used: Olde World Squares, Big Timber, Technique Tiles; Office, squares, circles.

It's so good to be back in the game. To see the full Product and Idea Guide click HERE
then click on the 2008 cover. Enjoy!


Devon said...

They look great!!

Miss M! said...

I think Ya Right is my favorite! I did a layout today with a sideways title too!

ShelleyinGA said...

Oh, your layouts are ADORABLE!! (as usual!) Great job and what cute pics!!