Friday, January 18, 2008

Girls Vs Boys

No ribbons and bows, pigtails or curls. No pretty little barrettes or tiny little flowers for her hair. No frilly dresses or fancy little shoes. Nope. I had a boy.

Those who know me might describe me as a wee bit girly. I won't miss an opportunity to dress up, slick on some gloss and a pretty new blouse. Now don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I would give up my over sized sweats and mens PJ pants, and it certainly doesn't mean I will not embrace my child in all his boyish glory! Thus when I had the itch for a long overdue photo shoot I did what I needed to do for some fun and playful shots. Forget the girly foo foo, we've got tools and tattoos!

Ya, you read that right, but before you judge me, take a gander, I'm sure it will bring a smile to your lips...hehe.

On location in Dad's shop!

My funny muscle man.

Lookin' fly for the ladies.

Tat closeup.

Check out that do. He sooo fine!

My personal (soon to be enlarged and framed) favorite shot.

And this, although not a playful tattoo pic, is how I see my Asa. This captures his essence and is how I see him in my mind. Not that I expect anyone to understand what I just said...LOL.

So there ya have it. Mom's of boys can have just as much fun as girls. The only problem, when he sees me put the camera to my face, he stops smiling. I can make him laugh when I hold the camera away from me, but as soon as I try and take the pic...*grumble grumble**. Next Time I'll need daddy to entertain. It's a two man(or woman) job! ;)


Devon said...

I love all of them!! Just a great job. He looks so happy! You've got a gorgeous son.

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Danea - OMG what a cutie little man you have there - no judging from me! Great photos!

gma said...

He's a cutie, but then I'm prejudiced. He has his daddy's smile.

Miss M! said...

Okay, once again your creativity leaves everyone elswe in the dust. These are so freaking cute and original!!! My favorite is the first one in the shop. I love these.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of him, he is adorable and growing so fast. Thanks for sharing. Pam