Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Wittle Baby...

is FIVE months old now! Geesh, this is moving way to fast. But since I have been so bad at keeping track of his firsts I thought it might be fun to share some info about who he is becoming.


He's a very laid back baby and is perfectly happy chillin' by himself whether it be in his Bumbo chair, Jumperoo or even his crib. He talks a lot, including humming and mumbling himself to sleep and awake. He doesn't have a temper, has never "screamed" but has on occasion cried. The worst and loudest he has cried is when he has really bad gas and thankfully incidents are few and far between.

New things make him laugh, sounds, movements, general being goofy things, but he is quickly bored with them and thus it's a never ending quest to find something to make him giggle. Except for tummy bites and I discovered his right arm and armpit are very ticklish to covered lipped, muuumm, muumm, muuum bites (that's the noise I make while doing them)...LOL.

He really enjoys tv despite my efforts to keep it to a minimum. If it's on and he's within viewing distance he wants to watch it.

When he's hungry he says/hums Muuummmm or Mmmmmmm. When he's gassy he says aaahhhh, with a tight chest sound, sorta a half cry, half grunt. When he is done playing with something his vocals become louder and bit more agitated, and like in the last video I posted when angry he raspberries or blows through closed lips, not a real tough guy thing to do and it makes us laugh. "I'm just sooo MAD that I could... Pwwwwwtttttttt!!" Hmm, maybe the world would be a better place if that is all it would take..haha.

Favorite Things:

He likes it when I sing and dance for him, this always evokes a large, opened mouth smile.

If he is awake, he wants to be sitting, on the couch, on our lap, in his chair, it doesn't matter just keep him upright. He can even go a few second unassisted before toppling over.

He loves his change table. I think this is because daddy and I play, tickle, talk and interact with him every diaper change. So simply laying him on it gets the big smiles.

Standing, it's his new thing, while being held of course. He smiles every time, he has even taken a few steps when holding him by his arms.

His swing, which we don't use much anymore except for the occasional short nap.

His toys. He has a favorite giraffe rattle. Anything that spins, he likes his jumperoo but tends to pay the most attention to the car seat toy I attached to it, that spins and plays music.

Gagga's...Catherine and Calli will appreciate this...haha. We noticed he likes his spit clothes. He'll grab them and push his face into them, smelling and even sucking on them. So I took one and cut it into smaller ones. When I put him to bed at night I'll offer it to him, he'll grab it and immediately pull it to his face. One of the reasons I cut them down is because he has covered his face before with the large one and I swear he starts to panic, so I have had to "rescue" him from the attack Gag before...hehehe.
**Side note: When Calli was little she had a "gag" or Gagga. She would suck her thumb and hold her gag to her face as she was comforted by the smell. She came up with the original name and thus I have adopted it.

Other things he enjoys: hanging out in our bed which means playtime and reading books. Walks in the stroller. Anything to do with daddy. His rain forest crib toy. I have even noticed his new found interest in the computer mouse if he is sitting on my lap. But strangely, he seems to only grab for it if I put my hand on it first, otherwise he just stares.

I know I might sound like a broken record but he's such a good kid. I can't seem to get enough of him. I tend to sneak into his room before I go to bed and just watch him sleep, all the while with this stupid grin on my face because he makes me so darn happy. I actually get a bit excited when he wakes up in the morning and I get to see him for the first time that day. There is just something about that first morning smile and the excited kicks he gives when he sees me that melts my heart.

Sigh, I love my baby.


Devon said...

Oh he is such a good boy! What a great personality he has. Hopefully mine comes soon so I can get to know him, right now I feel like I'll be preggo forever!! I can't wait for our sons to grow up together!

Anonymous said...

Now you know how much I love all of you and why I miss you so much.My life lights up when one of my babies come around. It never changes. The love just grows.

Anonymous said...

I cant figure out how to get mom on the end.I am not anonymous LOL

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

There's nothing better then being a mom - huh?

Yer Daddy said...

Well..seeing that I changed a lot of your diapers..and used to sit and watch you guys sleep. I know exactly how you feel