Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun @ My Childs Expense

But isn't that the best kind? Hahaha.

I'm on a mommies board, I joined when Jeff and I started trying to conceive. When we succeeded, along with other members at that time, I graduated to that boards August Due Date forum. And now that us mommies have had our little ones we are now in the Aug Playroom forum. Make sense? Pretty much it's the same group of ladies over the past year or so with members joining every now and again.

The Aug PR (playroom) has been running a photo contest each week for fun. Since I missed a few months on the board while being overwhelmed with new mommy duties, I just started paying attention recently when rollopodio (ok seriously girl, why is it that I can name all your family members but only know your screen name? LOL) suggested that I enter one of Asa's tattoo pics. The contest is ABC, each week is a letter of the alphabet so she suggested M=Mechanic. He won...LOL.

Ok so you don't actually win anything but a cool little tag for your signature that someone from the board so graciously takes the time to make!

So Last week I entered this one for P is for Pilot from the Past.

He won this one too. Isn't he so cute? Oh, but for the contest they can't be photo shopped as this one is. I just loved this filter and need to give thanks to Mike who told me how to change the filter effects, thanks Mike! :)

So now I am starting to have more fun with this. The ideas are flowing for each coming letter. And "Q" was no exception. The idea popped into my head like a florescent light bulb under a steal toed boot. And well, it helps that we just happened to have some great props laying around the house! So without further ado...

Q is for Quail Hunter

I Call this one "Recoils A Bitch"

Ok so it's a Bar-B-Q lighter not an actual shotgun, and he was simply falling as 6 month old babies tend to do when learning to sit. Silly Babies. But I still crack up when I see these pictures. I mean come on, look at those squished wittle cheeks. Asa loved the ear protection too, kept smiling when you talked to him, except when the gun was in his hand, then he was preoccupied. What can ya say, he's his fathers son...hahaha.


Devon said...

Aw, little Elmer Fudd!! Love them!!

Anonymous said...

That is what Uncle Dusten said when he saw it. I love ASA.

Zee said...

Dat Waskely Wabbit!


Melissa said...

ROFL! That was the funniest thing I've seen all week by far!

Miss M! said...

OMG, OMG, can I tell you I laughed so hard I scared the dog? I love his little face in the first one!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

LOL - Danea you are so funny!
and that photo is too!!! TFS

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh, this is the funniest series of shots. Gotta love him.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. This is absolutely the most hilarious thing I have ever seen!!! That should go in a senior yearbook one day!!! He's going to hate you for that!!

your friend from jm,