Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hippity Hoppity

Easters on it's way, and ya'll know what that means...hehe.

So yesterday Asa and I attended an egg hunt and potluck lunch at a local park with our moms group. It was a great couple hours and I got some cute shots of some of the kiddos, but I haven't shared them with the moms yet, so I won't be posting any without permission. But since my little man looked so cute we did a quicky Easter shoot when we got home. I had the bunny ears stashed in with my photography equipment, just some props that I had bought before we got married in hopes to be taking kiddie pics someday. Just never thought they'd be my kiddie pics...haha.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

It takes great concentration to lay eggs.

Just some fun egg shots.

Asa has sucked his bottom lip since he was about 2 weeks old (no need for a pacifier, YAY!). This is the first side view shot I have taken of him doing this but I have lots from head on.

He wasn't actually mad, just making blow noises, but the shot cracks me up. Don't anger the Easter Bunny man!

I think this last one is what some might call "The Money Shot", perfectly adorable!


Rachel said...

I sooo love your posts!! What kind of lighting do you use? I can't for the life of me get enough and have been trying to decide whether I want a set of lights or if a speedlight would work....I'd love your input if you have time :O)

Zee said...

Almost everything I do is natural lighting. Except that last group of shots cuz it was a dark day and I needed the flash. We have some sort of big light but I have NO clue how to set it up so I have only used it a couple times when Jeff can take care of it. I am lucky that we have a large sliding door and 5 windows that surround that on the main living room wall. (Sucks in the winter, tooo cold and hot as heck in the summer) LOL.

I took these real quick with the basic automatic settings and for the most part if needed I tweak the levels in photoshop. These ones needed the tweaking! I also find that the diffused glow can add some lighting punch. I did use the diffused glow filter but not at 100%, I just lowered the arrow until I liked the look. I also created a second layer(first was the diffused glow)and did a soft light at around 30% I think.

I snap A LOT of shots cuz he moves so much and I would say at least half were slightly out of focus from movement. Proper lighting would help that. But so would using correct manual setting I'm sure. I need to practice more manual, but it can sometimes be easy to let auto slide for too reasons, nap time is fast approaching and I want to avoid the crankies, and photoshop can work wonders on mediocre shots...LOL.

Susanne P. said...

what a sweet lil' whrabit! i love his eyebrows...he is so expressive.

Devon said...

those are all great pics! He is such a doll. I love how you can tell he was really interacting with the eggs. Give him kisses for me!

Anonymous said...


Zee said...

You're Gay!

You know how I know you're gay? Asa has started calling you Aunty Dusten McGaynerd.