Sunday, April 13, 2008

This & That

**Note I started writing this Friday but am just getting to posting it on Sunday.

Guess what Asa just did?

He was sitting on the floor in my scraproom when I heard some soft grunting. With Asa this could mean pooping OR experimenting with noises and man does he come up with some funny ass noises! Now due to an unexpected trip home next week, I haven't been doing the potting thing everyday since I know we will have two weeks without it so why start, right? But hearing this little grunt made me want to try, so I scooped him up and took him to the bathroom. His diaper was clean so I sat him on his thrown. Within seconds, I thought I heard the tinkle of pee, but after 5 minutes, there was still no poo, so off we got. To my delight, we had pee! And LOTS of it! Yay!I turned him around so he could see and I clapped and cheered. Now I know it was purely a co-inkydink and nothing he actually thought about doing but I was still pretty excited.

In other news, as mentioned above with the two week reference I will be going home next Wed and staying up there for two weeks, so who knows if I will get any blogging time. I'll try.

As I have mentioned in the past, Asa is not a tummy fan. Last week he started crying out for help in the night and I would find him on his tummy. A quick flip and all was right in the world, back to sleep he would go. Then it started happening more frequently, until Wed night I was up 5 times with him in the course of 1.5 hours. Grrr. The little bugger would flip right back over. So I finally just left him to squawk it out and then had Jeff check on him before leaving for work. He was fine. Then yesterday a few minutes after putting him down for his nap he got quiet so I peeked in and found him fast asleep on his tummy. Yay! This means, hopefully, he has come to terms with his rolling over predicament and can manage on his own.

I can't seem to kick this darn cold, it's been almost two weeks. I'd like it to be gone now.

I don't understand why Simon keeps calling David Cook arrogant? I don't find him that way at all. I actually think he seems quite sweet.

Last week Asa and I stopped in to see Jeff at work. As soon as one of his coworkers saw Asa he said "There's the little movie star. Can I get his autograph?" This was in regards to all Asa's ABC photos which apparently make there way around the shop and some, onto Bob's "wall of fame". I thought this was pretty funny.

I am working on my second of 3 new TT assignments that need to be finished up tomorrow. Yay!

My FIL is supposed to be in town this week. On his last trip(March 9th) him, Asa and myself went to the park and Asa had his first ride in a swing. Asa's first tooth appeared the day before and thus he was teething pretty bad, hence the rosy cheeks and lack of enthusiasm in some shots...hehe. Here are some of my favorite photos of the day:

This next one is what I refer to as a "Beautiful Fluke."

Asa has a pretty big head so we bought him this adult, small camo hat.

This picture cracks me up...hehehe.

He was starting to get cranky at this point.

Last but not least, this sums it up, just a couple of guys relaxin' at the park.


Devon said...

The last pic is my absolute favorite!! It's just great. You're going to take pics when we come out right? (wink wink!) Have a good trip. Can't wait for you guys to meet our little one. It'll be so cute to see Asa and Jacob together!

Anonymous said...

They are great pics. It brought a tear to my eye when I read along and the last wa is just so damn cute. Asa has a good grampa.
love Mom xoxoxo

Outnumbered said...

yay asa!!! makes me want to get a potty. but then again i have to wait until talan stands because i'm holding out for the urinal. i love the pictures!!!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

...super photos Danea!

Corry said...

Hiya Danea, congrats and thats a beautiful boy you have there, looks like you just a wee bit LOL, adorable pics and your business will do well i'm sure. miss seeing your work!! time does fly doesn't it?.