Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Let There Be Poop!

So today Asa turns 8 months old. 8 MONTHS! Are you kidding me? Everyone hears how "Time flies" or "It goes by so quick." but man I didn't really expect that to be the case. At least not so literally. Sigh.

So Jeff, Asa and I headed to Babies R Us last Saturday after Pedro's. We decided to go ahead and buy a potty. We went with the Boon Bench. It's the same company that makes the Frog Pod, which is next on my "want" list.I know many of you will shake your head at the thought of an 8 month old using a potty, and scoff at the thought of introducing it when he's still so "young". But I will say a few things in my defense. 1. North America is the slowest to potty train their children, many countries potty train their infants out of necessity. 2. I don't actually expect him to grasp the concept and start using it right away and 3. Why the hell not! If I can get him out of diapers sooner then Woohoo!

So Sunday night after his bath I put his bathrobe on him(uh, ya I think it's time for the next size up there Hef) and bare bummed him on the pot. At first he made an unpleasant squawk but that was do to some needed adjustment of the orange flexible peepee guard., and then he was happy as a pig in mud. In fact he started doing this thing where he would raise his arms above his head, clasp his hands together, squeal in delight and then in one quick swoop, brings his hands down fast and hard on his knees. He did this repeatedly like a King on his thrown addressing his people. It cracked me up. He's such a character.

Now due to the style of potty we chose, I won't leave him unattended cuz he looks like he could topple off. I went with this particular pot because it can hold toilet paper, wipes, toys, etc... in the green slide down sides, plus it's a foot stool and works great for me to sit on while giving him a bath. The con is that it doesn't have back support and thus the toppling off fear. Regardless, for now I will just have him sit on it for a while each day to get him used to it. If he goes then great! He often makes a face when he needs to poop so I will try and do a quick change and get him on there if the opportunity arises, but for now, I will just let him enjoy his new thrown.


Sharyn said...

Good luck! I tried at 8 mos with our oldest (didn't work) after seeing 8 month old potty trained kids in Finland.

The difference I found is that as Americans - we are on the go so much more whereas in Finland, they stay home more. Staying home more equals more time to spend training, etc.

Also - What they did there is they were in tune with their childs schedule. All of our kids have been pretty routine - morning or evening poopers. So when you know that time of the day is coming around - start paying attention/listening/watching and when you hear the grunting starting - quick put them on the pot. Pretty soon the kids were crawling to their mothers and grunting as a signal to say they wanted the pot. It was pretty cool - I wish I could have pulled it off with my own.

wow. that was a novel.

Susanne P. said...

Seriously?? Seriously?? That seems so young. I guess if someone can pull it off it might be you. I would think they would need to walk but who knows.

Love the pics. He seems like he is become such a ham. lol You just wanna squeeze his lil' cheeks.

Zee said...

Yup, seriously, but as I (and Sharyn with her Finland reference) mentioned North America waits longer then almost all other countries.

Devon said...

He's going to hate you for these pictures!! Just kidding, they are so cute! Can't wait to see him again and hold him.

Outnumbered said...

you're awesome! that potty chair is pretty cool. i'll have to look for it. although i do have my heart set on the kids urinal (http://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/Potty-Training-Urinal3-z.html ) but i guess talan does need somewhere to poop

strawberrygirl said...

Danea...getting the same one for Hunter. We have the frog pod AND the faucet protector and we love them both:)