Saturday, June 21, 2008

Early Morning Play

Asa decided he didn't need to sleep past 6am. Sigh. Strange since he was awake quite late last night. He went down a bit early, about 6:30ish, usually 7. We left his nursery door open because it was so hot last night and we wanted the fan to blow some cool air in there. Side question: When does his nursery simply become his bedroom? We are so lucky, he's such a good kid. I went in to peek on him about an hour and a half later and to my surprise he looked up and gave me a big smile. He had been awake and quiet that whole time! Did I mention he loves his crib and naps, and crib quiet time...hehe.

Anyway he was up and I am up. The turkey just went back to bed about 30 minutes ago. I should have too but alone time is not that common. I'll pay for it in a couple of hours, I'm tired as it is, but I was just having too much fun playing with free brushes I found online. So this is what I did in stead of going back to bed. Crazy, uh ya. But oh so fun!

Pictures were from March 22nd, a mere pittance of what needs to be sorted and worked on.

P.S. This was when Asa started getting his bottom teeth so yes that is drool on his shirt. Eeww!


Anonymous said...

Hey Danea-raina!
I'm sorry for your lack of sleep
In the last month there has only been one nice,sunny day in Vancouver!!!
Thats all.

Susanne P. said...

i really like those brush-effects. way cool for a boy. they remind me of pics that i have of cj skateboarding.

Crystal said...

Those brushes are awesome!! Where didja find em??

strawberrygirl said... the picture of you and is so colourful and fun!

Zee said...

Crystal I just googled grunge brushes. I don't remember the exact sites. Some were from a couple years ago. But I can email them to ya if you like, I think? They are zip files..again, uh, I think...LOL.

Crystal said...

Ohhh if you don't mind that would be cool!! You can send em to

Thanks :)

BTW, I think you should have another ;) You and Jeff make gorgeous creations!