Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweet Delicious Lemon Evil

Darn you Paula Deen. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be cursing her...

Darn you Susanne and your little dogs too!

I can't stop thinking about them. For three days straight they were there, on the counter. I couldn't resist them. Each trip to the kitchen regardless of what for would make my mouth salivate. Each tasty mouthful, moist and rich. Tangy but not too sour, sweet but not richly overpowering. It took 4 days after eating the last one to stop feenin' for more. Now it's back, the want, the desire.

"My kids don't like lemon but they can't get enough of these!"

That should have been my warning, the flashing red light and loud ear piercing siren.

"I don't like lemon flavor things." Stated Jeff.

He too made numerous trips to the kitchen, returning with 2...3... sometimes 4 at once. These were his exception.

So here I am trying to resist. I have already broke down and bought the ingredients, now how long can I actually hold back? Should I give in? My waistline is all ready dangerously wide. Surely these will destroy the ability to get back into my summer clothes.




It's just a desert you might say but those curious of the evil in which I speak, consider this my warning. These miniature glazed delights will get the best of you. Even the name is cute, but names don't give warning of the torment & addiction caused down the road.

**Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if you choose to make these.**

Lemon Blossoms


Kaylyn said...

Gotta love something that tastes so good...and it is not a typical thing you like!! Mincemeat tarts were the one that did me in one Christmas. Hubby's fault, cause he bakes them!!

Thank you for your comments!! Fingers are crossed...

Miss M! said...

Susanne has the uncanny ability to spot a person's weakness and get them hooked on stuff. For instance, I can thank her for my hopeless addiction to Diorshow mascara. Near the end of each tube's third month, I get all sorts of giddy and start feening for a trip to Nordstrom for a new one. $24 mascara. My mother would DIE.

Susanne P. said...

who, me??? must have me confused with someone else. LOL

i LOVE that jeff just "didn't like lemon flavored things". hah! got him!

...back up off my dogs! **wink**