Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yay Baby!

We say this a lot around the house. Every time Asa does something on his own or when we're just having fun.

"Yay Baby!" I say cheerfully, accompanied with a few claps.

Asa often mimics with a squeal and a few claps of his own.

Tonight we stopped for groceries and when Asa became restless in the cart, Jeff propped him up on his shoulders. Asa was delighted. At one point he raised both hands high in the air and let out a big growl. This kid LOVES to growl, and I of course was amused with his theatrics.

"Yay Baby." I exclaimed , clapping in delight.

"Aaarhhh" said Asa with a big smile. He lifted his hands to clap, but daddy's head was in the way. He paused for a moment, but is certainly no dummy. "Eeah" he squeaked and proceeded to smack both palms repeatedly on the top of daddy's shaved head.

"Ow! Ouch. Hey! Owww..." said Jeff while wincing.

I busted up laughing and of course did what any good mother would do...

"YAY BABY!" Clap, clap, clap...


Devon said...

I can totally picture that!! How cute! Yay baby!!

Zee said...

Encouraging him to continue beating on dad was pretty cute too...hahaha.

Miss M! said...

Oh how funny... Jeff Bongos.

Anonymous said...

of course that is what every good mom and wife heheheh would do. momxoxox

Anonymous said...

Check Asa's pockets next time you put him on your shoulders Daddy, you just never know what will be beating on the side of your head!!

Yah baby!!

Love Nana and Poppa