Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just A Quicky

It's been a busy week visiting with Susanne. We've hit a few scrapbook stores, watched some tv, chatted, ate, baked(she not me)haha and watched Asa play in his new pool which he seems to LOVE. Granted he loves it a whole lot more after the water warms up from sitting in the sun but he's fine with icy cold water too! He must get that from his dad cuz I would have screamed had you sat me down in cold water! Ha!

Uh, yes that is our dead grass/dirt lawn in the background. Ugh! We have so much to do with the back yard and the process is slow, but at least the dandelion trees, yes TREES, have been cut down and cleared out. Now to reseed and get some flowers in!

Susanne goes home tomorrow. *sad face* But I am so happy we've been able to spend some time together. Then my life will return to the previous scheduled program of being a mom with chores, mom duties and editing the millions of photos that people are expecting to see asap.

I also want to note that Asa has been getting more and more active. He has mastered his army crawl and can travel pretty fast. His poor knees though...ouch! Friday he started lifting himself and trying new positions. We thought maybe he was actually going to try and crawl, but he hasn't gone there yet. However after completing many yoga-like moves last night he managed to sit himself up from a laying position for the first time. Yay!

Gotta run but want to add, Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads I know! Xoxo


Miss M! said...

I'm sitting here giggling picturing baby yoga in my head.