Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Difference 10 Years Make...

Then: Go out almost every weekend.
Now: Look forward to a quiet night at home.

Then: Arrive at the bar around 10:30
Now: If you actually make it to a bar, you're leaving at 10:30 cuz kiddo tired you out!

Then: A little bit of drink spills and gets your hand sticky, this is a great excuse to check out that cute guy on your way to wash them.
Now: You search desperately for a baby wipe in your purse.

Then: You could strut your stuff with the rest of them.
Now: Strut? Heck, I'm too busy wondering if I look as old as I feel.

Then: You shake our groove thang when your favorite club song comes on.
Now: You shake your groove thang when your favorite club song from 10 years ago comes on.

Ok so some things don't change, but going out sure doesn't feel like it used to! But at least I can say I got to go out! A bunch of us moms went out after Saturdays banquet, hence the realization of the changes 10 years make.Ha!

Here are a few pictures of my gown from Saturday nights MOMSClub pageant. Unfortunately I didn't get a full body shot of myself but Erin sent me one that she took.

Here's insanity at it's best!

Susanne is here for a visit so I am late getting this blog posted. Asa turned 10 months on Sunday and is getting SO big! It makes me happy and sad at the same time.


Miss M! said...

I have to ask... tell me you didn't wear that OUT!!! LOL! I love it!

Devon said...

great dress!! It came out wonderfully!!
I can't believe Asa is 10 months old already!! It's crazy!!
Enjoy your time with Suzanne

Valerie said...

Dude, tell me you DID wear it out?! =D I especially love the negatives on the bust and the strips at the shoulders!

Zee said...

LOL, Nope I changed when I got there and then before we went out...LOL. The photo's go right around the back BUT there is a butt ruffle, so I could sit without photos but still.

I may be slightly insane but geesh, give me some credit ladies! LOL!!!

Oh and I also added some negative strips attached by diamond stud earrings. And uh I forgot and DID wear those out...haha.

karenf said...

Your dress was wonderful, I loved the negatives, they were a special touch. I've seen some shots from KBs, looks like you ladies had a good time. I sure wish I could have met you all, but that's a story for another time.