Friday, June 06, 2008

Gimme Your Tongue

Not a commonly uttered request, except in this household.

It was an amusing surprise. I was holding Asa in the rocker one morning while feeding him his bottle. Sure he is quite capable of doing this himself but I enjoy the quiet time with him. He was pretty much done when he started smiling, making funny noises and sticking out his tongue. I joined in, mimicking and being silly and then I reached over and grabbed his tongue which he was so freely exposing. "Gimme that tongue." I teased, pinching it between my thumb and index finger. To my surprise he let me. So I gave it a little shake and he giggled. I let go and laughed. I figured it was a one time fluke but I tried again.

"Gimme your tongue."

This time almost expressionless, and in a somewhat obedient manner he stuck out his tongue for my taking. I gave it another shake and we both laughed. This continues on for some time. Any time I asked for it, he gave it up. LOL. Who just gives up their tongue when someone asks for it?! Oh ya,my kid does.

I told Jeff about it later that evening. And of course the humor of it was too enticing not to try himself.

"Gimme that tongue." He said, making the pinching motion near Asa's mouth. And out it came.

It's been almost two weeks since this bizarre little game started. He still gives it up, but sometimes, he fusses first, shaking his head and giving a discontent grunt, but inevitably, every time, he pauses and out it comes.

Babies are funny.

Top picture is Jeff as he first grabs Asa's tongue. Bottom is him giving it a pinch and shake...hahaha.


Devon said...

Too cute!! Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

That is hillariuos. I cant wait to come grab his tongue. hehehehe
mom AKA Gramma

Miss M! said...

I love the expression on his face, like, "uh, OKAY, fine. *sigh* parents are weird"

Susanne P. said...

"the things i gotta' do to amuse these people"~~Asa

Outnumbered said...

that is so funny!