Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ok, Ok!

I'm updating already. Get off my back! Ha!

Alright so there's only one person who keeps hounding me about updating and that's Jeff. Yup, my husband. You know the one I am married to, live with, talk to every day at his lunch break. The man I sleep beside at night and share the days happenings over dinner. Ya, that's the guy. He's the guy who apparently cannot get enough of me,so he needs to see it all again on my blog...hehe. Now that's love! Although secretly I think he just wants to see more pictures of Asa and hear yet again about how cute his son is.

So the past couple weeks have been busy. I'm taking the photo course but tomorrow is the last day, I have still not finished reading the lesson so that means I have not yet completed my assignment either. Yikes.

My MIL arrived last Tuesday, I can't believe it's been a week already, and Asa is smitten. For the first few days all he did was giggle every time he looked at her. I intend on doing an Asa update on Thursday so I won't get into all his happenings right now, but man is he keeping me on my toes!

So the Saturday before last I did a newborn shoot for some friends. Some may remember I wasn't up to doing Asa's portraits until he was about a month old and he refused to cooperate. This was much more successful! Yay! This is little Lola who was one week old. She was such a sweety but a wee bit cranky. I didn't mind though I was having too much fun!

This first shot was completely inspired by my friend Miss Jessie Baldwin. I have loved the images she does of families with the children in focus and mom and dad looking on in the background, so I had to give it a try. I am a huge fan of her work and I find her style to be truly inspirational, so thanks girly!

This shot was taken with natural window light. All I had to do was touch up her skin tones as newborns can be a bit red in some spots. Isn't she a doll!

Look at this wittle baby bum!

This last shot is one of those unplanned moments. This photo quickly became a favorite of both mine and her mom. But I'll admit that it's what's going on beyond this shot that warms my heart.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words so I will share what is happening just outside the frame. This little cutie was very upset when we tried to take some shots with daddy holding her. Not 2 minutes into dad's shoot with his little girl we discovered why. Umm, ya, she started pooping! All over dad and my black backdrop. But it was dad's reaction that I found so sweet. Like it was the most natural thing in the world, he placed his hand behind her as a make shift diaper. His expression warm and loving as he gently bounced her. His voice calm as he gave soft words of assurance. Mom was busy cleaning and I, having a good chuckle, found this site to be quite a tender one, and so before rushing to lend a hand, I snapped a few shots. Ya, I was careful to keep it clean but I did take one candid of mom and dad cleaning up the mess for their keepsake album...hahaha. Turns out, this tough dad is a softy at heart.

P.S. Baby poop washes out of a black backdrop just fine!


DH said...

About time!

Susanne P. said...

those pics turned out great. boy is that one gorgeous mom!

Devon said...

What an impatient hubby you have!! I love the pic of mom pinching baby's butt, so cute!! Can't wait to hear about Asa.

Valerie said...

hehe, sounds like a fun shoot ~ that seems like something my sweetie would do in that situation... if we EVER get to it and make some babies of our own!! =D

Hey - I wanted to drop by and LYK I've added you to my blogroll sidebar thingy (cuz it's weird to add someone and not tell them), lol. Anyway, I hope you're doing well! I wanna see more Asa pics next time I drop by ;)

Anonymous said...

finally!!!!!love the bum shot!...and the rest are o.k i guess....KIDDING!!!....they're awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Your talent just grows and grows. I love all od them!!!!! Mom
PS give MIL a big hug for me. wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

hey i know not the best spot to post this but definately the easiest at this momemt....i just needed to tell you Adrioano Silva poked me on Facebook.....whoa....blast from the past....p.s looks the same as he did at 15...yikes!!!