Thursday, July 31, 2008


That's me. A. Total. And. Complete. Putz. Sigh.

My last photo assignment was due yesterday. For those of you who are a wee bit challenged, that means it's late. But today my plan was to take Asa on a photo outing and complete my assignment, which is to shoot in RAW and then post 3 photos before(straight out of camera) and after(after editing). So I cleaned off my card(most of it, I have a hard time letting go) and then changed my settings to RAW "&" JPEG, because, well, baby steps just in case. Then off we went with my new antique child's chair that I intend on refinishing with a distressed look but for today the white chipped paint would do.

I took a bunch of pictures of a squirmy, slightly tired child. Then many more while walking the quaint main street of our little town (little town in the middle of a big city..ha!). Anyway I was excited to see how they turned out but couldn't figure out why the RAW files weren't showing up on my card. I looked in the manual, Googled RAW files and finally turned my camera back on to do another test shot. Grumble, grumble grumble! APPERANTLY, when I turned it to RAW, I somehow didn't, or clicked it back or bumped it, who knows? All I can say is that every shot was the same old JPEG as usual and I didn't complete my assignment so we'll be back at it tomorrow. But don't fret my friends this story has a happy ending... with pictures and lots of them...yay!

So here's my little man, one week shy of being a full blown 1 year old. *whimper*

He looks so grown up here.

Still not able to get one of his adorable smiles. Nope, all I ever get on camera are these goofy jaw titled grins. Hehe.

Daddy & I never get tired of watching him (and enticing him to) fly his airplanes. Unfortunately this shot was blurry but come on, look at how cute he is making his raspberry blowing propeller noise!

Fly it high babe, to the sky.

Sadly most of you don't get to spend much time, if any with Asa. These next two shots warm my heart. They are the essence of Asa. Forget sitting and having his picture taken, there are things to see and explore. Especially among new sites. Most often it's the little things that entice him the most, rocks, cracks, bolts, leaves, textures, tags and today was no exception. He quietly checked out his surroundings.

Oh hey, I know, let's sit him backwards!

Or not.

Seriously, he freaked when we put him in backwards. Really don't know why?LOL. But Grandma rescued him. Can't tell these two are related at all. Ha!

Final note: After seeing these pictures I have decided to leave the chair as is. I think it has the perfect amount of charm and character. What do you think?


dh said...

I love my baby!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love those pictures. He is getting so big it made me cry. I miss him so much. I am so glad Terry is with him and yes they sure look alike. Love you all, mom

Miss M! said...

Such a cutie.

I like the chair, but if you're going to leave it that way, I'd get one of those lead testing kits and check the paint, just in case.

Zee said...

Good idea Miss M! They apparently used house latex paint on it, or something similar and in two layers so it doesn't even stick to itself. The paint was chipping and flaking and getting on everything. I tried sanding to no avail, too thick. Then when I hosed it off, the pressure was sending paint chips every wehere. What a mess!

Anonymous said...

great shots....wished you guys were closer :(....i second the lead testing kit you know he's going to taste test the paint!!

Devon said...

AW so cute!! All the pics turned out great!! Can't wait until we are closer so the boys can play together!
I can't believe he's almost a year old. It seems like just yesterday...

Susanne P. said...

awesome pictures. that chair is adorable. if you can safely leave it like it is i would. lots of character there.

that crooked smile is the best.