Thursday, August 07, 2008

Teehee, I'm So Excited!

So I have some exciting news that I can finally share, hopefully there's no jinxin' it now. So let me just jump on in...

The beginning of last month, I received an email from an editor of a German baby magazine. She was requesting the use of one of my photos, this one to be exact:

Why? To accompany an article about BabyLegs. She had Googled BabyLegs and found my blog entry. From here she saw the photos and thought this one would work perfectly. It has taken about a month to get everything finalized. Last week she sent me the page layout with my photo placement. It looks to me(it's all in German) that the article is more along the lines of hot products as the photo is at the top and beside it is a small writeup and product info. Below this are two more products. It looks great and I am so excited! Since what she sent was a mock up and the magazine has not yet been published I won't post the picture but as soon as I get the real thing I will be sure to post it! Today payment went through and according to some photographer friends I can now officially say I'm an international photographer! LOL. Won't that look great on my resume!

In other photography news I am trying really hard to get the money together to start my business. I already have two clients lined up from my moms group, with the potential of more from word of mouth and that baby shoot I did a couple weeks ago. :) I'm so excited, it looks like it's really coming together! Teehee.

And now I digress... you see there is the adult in me that says to let it go, but there is also a 12 year old girl that wants nothing more than to say a big fat NEANER, NEANER, NEANER! Besides, isn't it healthy to let out your inner child?

Again, you may be asking why the neaners? Remember that 2p's post back at the beginning of July. Well not to bring it all up again but that was in regards to this magazine and me posting for advice and asking if anyone had experience with this. I was met with remarks and statements that this was a scam. When I asked why they thought it was a scam, I was then accusued of being defensive and not accepting advice from others. It was one of the most bizarre and hurtful things I have been subjected to, and it quickly snowballed into a very nasty 'let's bash the new girl' thread. Oh, ya, the "new girl", that would be me. I was told editors don't look for pictures online, that it just didn't make sense. To sum it up, this was in no way legit. Well to all those nay sayers, I take a quote from one of my posts on that thread... Sometimes things DO make sense, and sometimes life REALLY IS that good"


Today I am happily enjoying the good life!

Goody, goody gum drops my photo AND my baby are gunna be in a magazine!


dh said...

My baby's a model before the age of one! Makes a pappa so proud! I love my baby! (Wife too!)

Anonymous said...

shut the &^%$##@@$up!!!!!...that is wicked!!!! when i "market you" to my other mom friends i can tell them i can get them a bargain with an international photographer when she happens to fly through..:)
when i say "market you" what i am really doing is showing of the wonderful pics you took of my beautiful though...CONGRATS!!!!....

Miss M! said...

HA HA on the peas! Congratulations, this is HUGE!

I hate internet meanies.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Danea! I'm so happy for you!!! It's so great to see your dream coming true! Now, I know photography is your passion and I *love* seeing your pictures. I just have one request and I guess it's a bit of a selfish one: please don't ever stop scrapbooking. You are a huge part of the reason why I tried new things in my own scrapbooking. I can't imagine not being able to see your beautiful layouts to inspire us all.

P.S. I think it's so sweet the way Jeff posts on your blog.

Shelley (in GA)

Devon said...

I'm glad the whole thing worked out. Screw them for bashing the new girl.

P.S. Happy 1st Birthday Asa!!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! How awesome for you to give them the proverbial shove it and show them that not everything is a scam. :) Kudos for you!!!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Yeahhhh Danea!!! Congrats!!! I wish you were closer and I'd hire ya too!!! I don't want to see you stop SBing too :( You can do both...can't ya? Happy Birthday to Asa!

Anonymous said...

That's my girl!!!!
POO POO on 2 P's. Karma always works and you deserve it. I know with all my heart you will be the best damn photographer out there. Sorry Ken! LOL
MOM xoxoxox

christina said...

OMG this is wonderful news!!! i am soooooo flippin happy for you and PHEWY on 2peas.

okay so i check your blog on a fairly regular basis lol but haven't felt like commenting, i know i know shame on me lmao. anyway when i read that fiasco that you wrote about 2peas i just HAD to go check it out and OMG they were so mean. i am so glad i never joined that board.

and a big fat NEENER NEENER NEENER to them GF!!!!