Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Longest Post In The History Of My Blog...I Think.

I debated breaking up this post by topics but every time I plan to do that, I never go back. Something new comes up and moments get lost. So I am just going to throw it all in this post, starting with Asa's first "official" haircut. Sure I have cut his hair on my own but I don't consider it official until I fork over some cash. And I did. And he was well behaved. And he got his first real Mohawk. And I took pictures... of course. What was funny was when the woman asked me to sit with him. "Uh, but then I won't be able to take pictures." It never actually occurred to me that my one year old child may not like getting his haircut by a stranger, or the noise the buzzer makes. Nor did it occur to me that he may not sit still, I was too busy planning some shots. I guess that's why my response seemed to puzzle her for a moment. "Ah, he'll be fine." I said to try and shake that look off her face. "Ok" was her response, she smiled and grabbed the booster cushion. Luckily for me, he was fine. That's my boy! Oh, but I have one thing on my side, this was just before he got sick and he was very snuggly that morning so I brought Rowan with us. Rowan is his teething blanket that I have been meaning to post about for months. He normally just sleeps with Rowan but he likes having him close when he's not feeling so well. (Just a few days ago he discovered he can reach into his crib and grab him, so Rowan is becoming a staple.)

Ok so here's my big little mans getting his first haircut.

Not long after this shot he started to get frustrated that Rowan was trapped under the apron, so I pulled him out for him. This was the second time the hairdresser gave me a strange look because "Oh no, he get hair on it." I wasn't worried, and a bit of hair beats a possible meltdown. Ha!

Did I mention that Rowan is more often than not, found stuffed in Asa's mouth? This makes for a pretty rank Rowan in just a couple days. Thank goodness Rowan #2 is always clean and ready to go. Shhhh, he doesn't know there are two.

Hehehe, everyone in the shop got a chuckle and his hairdresser giggled the whole time she was cutting the Mohawk. Sadly his hair grows so fast that it almost needs another buzz already! Here he is, all done.

Topic # two.

Someone and I won't mention who, brought sickness into my home. Cough CoughDevincough. So I have been sick as can be this last week with the worst sinus cold ever. Seriously who gets colds in the summer? This sucks. But this also makes me feel the need to share some info with friends and family that they may not have gotten yet. I take a weekly shot of Enbrel which is a biological immune suppressant. What this means is this. RA is an over active immune system. Think of it as an army. You have commanding cells that tell the soldiers to go and fight off disease and infections. But unfortunately there are no sargents that then say good job men, when they are done and send them back to base. Sure I have a few sargent cells but I'm pretty sure they are all retarded, or smoke too much pot, not sure which. But when the troops do get back to their barracks they discover that the commanding officer is drunk and passed out, so the soldiers go on a fighting spree despite there being nothing to attack, so they start attacking the knee which just happened to look at one of them wrong, and then they jump on the ankle who tried to defend the knee, and it just goes on from there. Unfortunately since there are no capable cells in charge this senseless fighting continues. Enbrel is like a dose of Sargent cells who round up the belligerent soldiers and send them back to base. Unfortunately those now in command are angry and for the most part keep all the soldier cells locked up. They become over protective and instead of sending troops out at the possible first sign of trouble to fight off invaders they discuss it for a while. They wait and see if the trouble will go away on it's own. For me this means what might have easily been taken care of and fought off quickly, now makes me really sick because the army is afraid to attack.

To sum it all up, I can catch things easier than most, and when I do, I have to stop taking the Enbrel to let my over zealous fighter cells go to work, which also means they get destructive too. The reason I am sharing all this is simple. Please give me a heads up if you or someone you have been around recently has been ill. Then I can take the necessary precautions to keep myself healthy. (Of course I am only talking to those of you who will be visiting with me and not those in other states sharing that someone they know is ill just because.)I'm also thinking I should really stop greeting everyone with a French kiss. And did I mention that Asa starting preschool terrifies me....LOL.

With all that said, by Wednesday morning I was a horrible mess. It was Asa's 12 month check up and there was no way I was going to be able to take him. If he hadn't still been having diarrhea I would have rescheduled, but instead Jeff came home early to take him. This meant one thing for me. A hot bath and bed! So once they were out the door I ran the water. That's when the doorbell rang. To my surprise it was a flower delivery. HUH? Sure you have the correct address. Yup, that's my name alright. Can I just say that I have the best husband ever! The card stated that he wanted the flowers to help make me feel better. He also wrote a few different things and at the end he congratulated me on the success of my future photography business. I cried. You can't get much better than that!

The picture doesn't do these justice, this bouquet was gorgeous and HUGE!

Besides occasionally working on Heidi's photo shoot pictures, this week has been pretty uneventful. I have been too sick to get anything done so every thing has pretty much been on hold. However I am feeling much better today and trying to get back to business.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail and am pretty excited to share. Here it is my fiends, my first published photo! Well this is just the cover, but keep scrolling down...haha.

Oh ya, baby! LOL. And see that tiny little black line in the bottom left corner of the photo? That's my name...hehehe.

Momma's so proud!

P.S. It didn't end up being as log s I thought.


Miss M! said...

No french kissing? Well, why bother ever going to see you NOW, geez!

You should post that magazine photo on 2ps... bwa hahaha!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

I agree you should post that photo on 2Peas lol!

Those flowers are beautiful BTW :)

Melissa said...

I agree. Put it on 2peas! Just to make them eat crow!

Zee said...

Thanks ladies! You don't know how much I would love to but I swore I would never post on that board again, so I won't. But anyone can feel free to share my news if you are so inclined...LOL!

Anonymous said...

He looks so adorable in his mohawk. I cant wait to get there. Just a few more days. ! week to be exact! I am very proud of you and I know this is only the first of many magazine offers.
Now about your explaination of your immune system My God girl you should write a book on it. Arthritis for Dummies. How much better could anyone explain that. Dam it you made me cry again. I can only cry happy tears so much ya know. You are the best daughter in the WORLD!!!!!

Susanne P. said...

i am so sorry you are sick again. you were just recovering for a long cold when i came to visit.

the hair cut is adorable. what a brave boy.

thanks for the update!

btw, i will pass on the french kiss next time i visit. thanks anyway. =) i don't have to do those anymore.

Outnumbered said...

i adore his hair!!! but as you know i'm partial to the mohawks. been thinking about making talan sport one.

and congrats on the picture publishing again. it is a great picture.

Anonymous said...

OH MY Danea that hair is so so so cute! heh heh heh

Fidget said...

his hair is awsome! and congrats on being published!