Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting Crafty...

***We interrupt this post to advise any readers to scroll down to the Tuesday Oct 7th post, if you haven't done so already. That's where the big news is.

Now back to the regularly scheduled blog.***

With Inspiration from Miss M, who made her own fall wreath this year and Miss Susanne who sent me an adorable craft project called bat-o-lantern, I got crafty!

If I haven't mentioned it already, fall is my favorite season! I love the colors and cool weather, although these things can be a bit harder to come by in California, so I pretend and make my own. At least Halloween is still great and hey, not nearly the chance of rain as there is back home...hehe.

Last week I hit the dollar tree and was surprised to see some decent flowers, so the wreath is entirely dollar store finds! Yay!

I went over to my friend Alecia's to make the bat. Asa and Kaden played on the kitchen floor while we got crafty, but time only let us each complete one for now. Ok, here come the pictures...

Taken in front of my front porch fall vignette.

Isn't he a cutie!

Where the chair actually sits by the door. My wreath hanger is stored away with the Christmas decorations, so this is most likely where it will stay.

Anyone else getting crafty for fall?


Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

oh that turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!
And I can't believe you found those flowers at the $Tree!

Susanne P. said... cute. the little grouping is great. where did you find the chair?? i love it!

Miss M! said...

I love the pheasant feathers in your wreath! What an awesome touch.

I totally want a bat-o-lantern now. I forgot about those.

Anonymous said...

hmm 3 weeks and not one craft! LOL guess you just dont want me to show ya up! heeheehee I know , I know it is you with the talent! They are beautiful.Wreath and bat. Send me the pattern, the girls would love it. Love ya , MOM

Miss Anne said...

Love your wreath, chair and bat! ( have the print out directions to make those same bats! :)

(see my blog.. posted a pic of my hutch in FULL halloween decor!)

oh ya, and get your name in for the drawing too!:)

christina said...

omg i love the wreath and bat, the bat is soooo stinkin cute and that wreath is gorgeous.