Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh So Dapper.

I have a shoot this weekend. Jeff's "good" lens has not been satisfying me for many months now. Not sure if it stopped working properly of if I am just getting more keen on sharper/better quality pics and it never was as good as we thought? Either way, as much as I love our 50mm, this thing freakin' rocks, I need a portrait zoom lens. So I pulled out my El Cheapo sigma and took Asa out side for a test run. It's not bad but it's not great either. It will work for this weekend, but I won't be surprised if I end up relying on my 50mm again. The only trouble there is that this is a family shoot which means I have to get back far enough to fit them all in the frame, then for close ups I need to run forward. Forward, back, forward, back...the last thing I want is another face plant with new camera in hand. Ugh. (Did I ever mention that here?) Needless to say I have to find a wish list lens if I am going to do this for a living. But for now I shall post a few cute pics of my adorable child and make do with the lenses I have.

He would not smile, nor did he even want to look at me. Apparently the back yard is full of much more interesting things than mom and her camera, can't blame him I guess.

At least I can give this lens kudos for close up sharpness, unfortunately though even in bright shaded light I had a hard time with motion blur. But check out those eye lashes!

P.S. The only way to get him to look up was to cry wolf, I mean "Airplane!" Poor kid loves airplanes so much he will stop everything for a peak, in this case, to no avail... mean momma!


Miss M! said...

Great photos! Love the hat too.

ASA said...



Susanne P. said...

that hat is adorable. and he still has jeff's chin. =)

that's awesome that you have another photo shoot. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

it is too bad Jeffs "lens" doesnt do it for you. LOL
That has to be the cutest grandson in the world!!!!! He is soooooooo handsome!