Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Once again I find I have lots to share but little time to do so. This past week has been busy and yet I seem to be getting nothing accomplished. Part of the reason are these stupid back pains I am having again that I know are due to this pregnancy. Last night I saw the chiropractor. You see I had this same problem while pregnant with Asa but was told it was just round ligament pains. That is until my 3rd trimester when I could barely walk. My chiropractor said it was too late to treat me but had he known early on... well I'm not making that same mistake twice and I am already feeling better afetr my first visit with him. Yay!

Last night Asa woke up hungry at 10:15pm. This was predictable. Why? Because my daddy, God love him, gave Asa not one but two sippy cups full of milk right before dinner(which was running late). Needless to say Asa was full for dinner, but with liquid...side note: He peed out his diaper over night the first time in many, many months. But I digress, I went in and fed him some oatmeal. He then laid his head on my shoulder, signalling he was ready to go back to bed. I started singing him Hush Little Baby, when he pulled his head back, looked me in the eye and then gave me a big kiss. I'm talking no coaxing, no hinting, completely on his own doing. Then he laid his head back down and I tried my best not to cry. I know, silly sentimental momma, but this was the first time he'd done it all on his own. Makes me wonder what he was thinking that he felt so inclinded to kiss me out of the blue like that? Sigh, he makes my heart sing.

So today I cut his hair using Jeff's buzzer and three different attachments. I think I did a pretty good job too. Asa was great. He giggled whe I did the back of his neck and head but otherwise he was pretty still. I took some pictures both the share and as test shots for my new camera.

This first picture was from last week. His hair was getting really long which meant a very high Mohawk... LOL.

I experimented with making an old school cross processed filter, which seems very popular right now. It's not a very heavy filter but I like it. Asa wouldn't sit still nor did he want to look at me. So I'll just pretend I was going for more artsy type photos...hehehe.

Rockin the new do.

My favorite of the group.

This one, just because I love how focused he is on his drawing. Yup, he loves to draw!


Miss M! said...

Dude - who took your baby and traded him out for a KID??? Holy moly is he growing fast or what?

Anonymous said...

these pictures make me miss him even more. God I love him too! You are a good mommy! love mom

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

A memory to treasure! They are so sweet when they do nice stuff out of the blue, even when they are 12 years old and taller than you (I´m talking about my own "baby" here ;) )

Susanne P. said...

i agree with sara! his such a little man. i can't wait to see him. =)

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Is is growing up so fast - I don't see a baby anymore...just a big boy :) I missed when you said you were due...when's baby #2 coming? Hope you are doing well...