Monday, November 03, 2008


Let me first start with some late pictures. Since my mom taught Asa to growl like Frankenstein when she came to visit, I thought it to be the perfect costume. Not to mention I saw a how to make your own in Parents Magazine. Can I just say how old it makes me feel to admit I read and utilize ideas I see in Parents magazine...hahaha.

The neck pieces were supposed to stay tucked into his shirt but that just didn't happen so I glued a small piece of velcro to them, could have done a better job but he only wore it a few times so no big deal. We didn't take him trick-or-treating but we did take him to look at a house that was all done up in halloween lights, it was fantastic. His eyed lit up with wonder and when I asked if he liked the lights he started clapping, guess that was a yes...hehe.


Moments after taking these photos I fell on the concrete, landing on both elbows with full force and bunging up three toes on my right foot. Not sure how I fell but my elbows still hurt and I am pretty sure I broke my second toe. Oh and did I mention I had my new camera around my neck and it landed lens up and went straight into my chest. The camera seems to have survived minus a few cosmetic scratches...sigh.


Flushing the toilet has become a source of entertianment... and I don't mean mine.


Yesterday I felt sick so Jeff watched Asa while I slept. When I got up, this was the first conversation we had.

Jeff: "How small do you cut apple pieces up for Asa?"
Me: "I don't give him apple. I don't think they are soft enough for him to chew."
Jeff with funny look on his face: "He choked on a piece when I gave it to him. He started turning colors, well, his face turned red."
Me: I had no real response as this just confirmed my theory as to why I don't give him apple.


Everything Asa picks up becomes a phone. He even has a phone voice and does the side "gaze" while talking. Yesterday among the babble he even started shaking his head. Guess he was letting the mystery caller know he wasn't able to go out and play.


Last night Asa came into my scraproom holding my calculater which I had just lent to Jeff. Jeff's calculator/Asa's favorite phone, was missing. Let me just say how wierd and wonderful it is to hear his tiny footsteps coming down the hall. He walked straight in holding out the calculator for me. "Thank you." I said and but it back on my desk. He smiled, then pointed at it "Ba?" So I handed it back to him. "Ok, you can still play with it." And off he went.

5 minutes later I walked into our room to talk to Jeff. "Did Asa bring you your calculator cuz I handed it to him and told him to take it to you." he asked. (How impressive is it that he did exactly as he was told!) "Yes he brought it right to me, but I gave it back and haven't seen it since." Asa walked in a moment later calculatorless.


Last night Asa sat on our bed with me while daddy did folded and put away his laundry. Asa attempted to help pile socks. Later that night I heard him in his room opening and closing drawers and when I walked in to see what he was doing, I witnessed him pulling out and then putting his clothes back in. It may not be obvious to all but he was clearly doing laundry just as daddy had. How stinkin' cute!


I found my calculator this morning in his bottom shirt drawer while putting away laundry.


This morning after getting Asa out of his crib we walked hand in hand into the kitchen.

Me: "Are you hungry for breakfast, what would you like to eat?"
Asa: "Ba"
Me, while opening the cereal cubboard: "Can you show momma what you would like to eat? You can have cherios or a breakfast bar, it's up to you. Show momma what you would like."
Asa: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah." Then squating and pointing at the box of breakfast bars(his very favorite) "Dee ba!"

He then stood back up and looked at me. Truth is I didn't expect a response as I didn't really expect that he understaood what I was asking of him. But he did understand and it was so cute to see him stand there one hand on the cupboard door, one hand in mine and think it over with an "Aaaaaaaahhh." Seriously how cute is that?


Flushing the toilet has become a source of entertianment... and I don't mean mine.


Asa has dicovered a show called Super Why. (ok so maybe I discovered when I turned the tv on one morning) It's all about reading and letters and the alphabet. When I put it on he goes and sits in front of the tv. It seems to be the only show ever that has grabbed his full attention from start to finish. Not even Yo Gabba Gabba has that kind of power.


When it gets really quiet and no kid in sight, he most likely has shut the door and accidently locked himself in a room. Like toilets doors are a source of wonder.

I love my Asa.


DH said...

I love my baby too. Want some more apple?

Zee said...

LOL...hope you don't mind me sharing your "Oops"'s not like I haven't had a few of my own. It was only a 3 foot drop and his head was FINE!

Devon said...

Such a smarty pants! It's great that he is starting to learn and comprehend. Go Asa!! Pretty soon he'll be telling you when he has to go potty!

Miss M! said...

Dude... he was like, a baby just yesterday, and now he's this walking, almost talking little person with opinions and ideas!

I am looking forward to getting to do my own post like this in a year and a half or so. :)

Susanne P. said...

sorry you fell but glad your camera is OK. that would have totally sucked if it broke.

tell the truth, i know how much you like to 'flush and run'. i know that's where he learned it.

he sounds amazing. it's so cool how there is the age where it's like a switch gets turned on and the learning and comprehension is so fast.

Anonymous said...

I love my Asa too! He is grammas boy!