Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Peace On Earth...

Or at least at the moment.

Two of my boys are asleep, the other keeps kicking and rolling. I have to admit the quiet is nice but I'm starting to get restless. We have some friends coming over after dinner for a visit and I'm looking forward to spending some time with them.

Then of course Santa comes tonight. Yay!

Tomorrow it's just us. We bought some yummy pre-made turkey dinner goodies at the market's deli today. There didn't seem to be a need for cooking a turkey for 2.5 people. So those are the plans, a quiet evening with friends and quiet day tomorrow with the my boys. Hmmm maybe not so quiet tomorrow as multiple packages to Asa make a LOT of noise...LOL. Oh, and of course there will Skype calls. Asa is really getting into the video calls now...hehe.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Susanne P. said...

well, take all the noisy ones away for a while when it gets too much and he can sit in his chair and play with his toy from aunty susanne.

merry xmas. and give lil' man a squeeze and a hug for me!

Miss M! said...

Merry Christmas!

For the the rest of your life, you get the gift of a toilet seat that is always up because you are about to be seriously outnumbered. Hee hee!

Seriously, hope it's a good day. It's just us here today too.

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Hope you all had a nice quiet Christmas...ours sure was LOUD!!!

Take Care!