Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Promise...

To update with more regularity. Ugh. I'm thinking I need some blogger Ex-lax to get some posts flowing... haha. Things have been busy and yet not much seems to be happening. I still have some Christmas photo editing to do and so much to talk about. I will try and do small posts over the next couple weeks in hopes of catching up. Maybe tomorrow morning I will actually post some pictures from Christmas. Then I will start filling ya'll in on the comings and goings and how fast this pregnancy is passing and I don't have one profile shot to show for it!!!

Ok, I am off to get a drink and actually try and relax before bed. I need to put a heat pad on my hip. Hip sounds so much nicer than butt, however it really seems to be my right cheek.

Hope all is well with everyone, so stay tuned, if possible I'll even get some videos up!

P.S. I've been playing with blogger templates (and Pyzam templates too) I have discovered a few things and will most likely be changing things around. So don't get settled on this, as I think I will attempt to make my own... cuz I have so much free time...hahaha.


Miss M! said...

So what are you trying to say? That you have a hot ass?

Once you figure out your template, changing it becomes very easy. I can change EVERYTHING on mine in ten minutes, if I don't factor in the time to goof off making the banner, sidebar titles, etc.

Anonymous said...

it's about time to update you only have a toddler and another on the the new format...
anonymous in abby
p.s eat all the chips yet???

Susanne P. said...

oh i am so glad to see a post!

when you figure out how to change it let me know. i want a 3 column and funky titles 'n stuff.

Zee said...

What do you mean when I figure out how to change it? I just did. Those are all my doodles baby! See, three hearts, represents my three boys. One big for Daddy and two small ones.

Anon: I had a small bowl of chips the day they arrived. Last night I went into the kitchen and found an empty bag on the counter. Either Jeff is having sympathy cravings or it's a snooze you loose household...LOL.