Friday, January 16, 2009

Slow Going

Since there is so much to catch up on, I'm going to give the short version. Christmas was very nice and uneventful. It was just us three the whole day. Asa loved (and still does) the rocking chair Santa brought him. He also likes his rocking horse from G-ma. The rocking horse however has taken some getting used to. The occasional ride, including Christmas morning, but mostly petting and even, wait for it... feeding. One morning I saw him walk behind the couch with a spoon in his hand. I peaked over and was I was quite surprised (and impressed) to see him place the spoon in the horses mouth. For the next couple days he pretended to feed himself and the horse with a bowl and spoon. So cute.

I've been using Skype a lot with my family and the other day Asa and Hunter decided to show off for each other. Asa's trick, riding his horse of course. Since then he rides everyday and for not technically being able to reaching the stirrups, as his feet barely rest on the bar above, he sure can get it a rockin'!

The disappointing news from the holidays was the realization that my new upgraded camera takes crap pictures. Sigh. I thought and was hoping at first that it was just user error. The problem was that I couldn't take any indoor pictures of people on a bright day without having to set the camera at ISO 1600. Not only that but the quality at 1600 is crap. Then to add to those issues was the problem with white balance, no matter what I would try it was touch and go to get a correct reading, and it was rare to do so with indoor lights. Grrr. So last weekend I took it back. Needless to say they just didn't get what I was saying but they did give me two options: I could return it for a hefty restocking fee, or have it sent in to be looked at under warranty. I had it sent in. If it's the same when it's returned, I will pay the fee as I couldn't sell clients the quality of indoor images that I got with it. So right now I am cameraless. Sort of. I pulled out Jeff's 7D and think I have mastered the basics. I haven't tried to get any new clients do to these issues but I am going to send out an advertisement in this months momsClub newsletter. Yay. So hopefully I will get some takers.

So now, here are some VERY overdue Christmas pictures. Last year I bought all new decorations on clearance. I thought it seemed like a good time to go colorful for the kids. My gold and burgundy was going on 13 years old...LOL.

This is what Santa left for Asa on Christmas morning.

The first thing he did was sit in his chair and grab a book. Does Santa know this kid or what! Ha.

Opening presents with Daddy.

Taking a break on Daddy's lap. Opening presents is hard work!

Showing Mommy his new remote, which he mostly uses like a phone.

Riding his new rocking horse. He spotted it behind the couch and had to go investigate.

Later that morning... he tried so hard to share his chair with George and the NASA bear from grandma.

He gave up after a few minutes, hugged and kissed the bear and took him to his bedroom where apparently, it was best for the bear to reside alone on the floor in the dark??


Miss M! said...

OMG, that's so sweet not only that he was trying to share his chair, but that he hugged and kissed the one who got left out before putting him away. What a good kid you guys have yourselves there!

DH said...

My baby is just so damn cute!

Zee said...

Ok, hmmmmm. Sara it never even occurred to me that that might be what he was doing...LOL. I have about 7 shots in this series of him sitting and rearranging and sitting again etc...I plan on doing a layout with them all. :)

This was also the first time he's paid much attention to a stuffed animal. I cut the clothes and bear(lightly stitched in a few spots) off of George and since then he plays with him a little everyday. There is a third bear he likes too. But the best is when I look over and he's busy playing and then gives the stuffed toy a kiss all on his own doing. It's so sweet and I try and imagine what he is thinking when he does it. hehe. Same thing when you are rocking him back to sleep when he wakes up crying or is sick and out of the blue he sits back, looks at you, gives you a kiss and then lays his head back down on your shoulder. It melts my heart every time.

He even did this with Susanne when she was here and I was in the emergency room and Asa woke up from teething. He sat back, looked at her for a moment, kissed her and laid his head back down.

I love my baby.

Susanne P. said...

seriously, it was the sweetest thing. jeff, your baby is damn cute!

the pictures are awesome and the tree photographed awesome!

Zee said...

Thanks Susanne. These were the "last straw" pictures from my camera. They look ok small like this but I had to really work with them and you can see the noise and graininess, not to mention some skin discoloration because of it. Grrrr.

Hey what were you doing up at 2:30am?? LOL

Anonymous said...

They are all great pictures and isnt my grandson the best grandson in the world!!!!!! Mom