Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Little Less Pressure

I guess it wasn't obvious(from Susanne's last comment) but this new look is my final blog edit. For now. I made the side and title pictures myself and changed all the blog colors. I am sure new ones will come and go with time but for now, this is it. A Danea original.

I know this may sound strange but I am feeling such a load off my shoulders by updating this blog. The truth is my To Do list has grown and I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately. The fact that I hadn't been updating was weighing on me. It was a constant and annoying little voice in my ear that added to my frustrations. Every night in bed I would write a blog in my head for the next morning and every morning, time passed and no updates.

As you all know my due date is fast approaching and there are things that still need to be done. Like get a freakin' side belly shot! Or rearranging my scraproom to become a make shift and temporary nursery. The problem is that it's a disaster zone right now! Unfortunately it has been too hard to tackle with a 17 month old underfoot. So I have asked Jeff to take Asa for a guys day tomorrow in hopes of a few hours alone to work on it. Sure Asa naps and that gives me time, but I have the most energy in the morning and he often naps after lunch, when I'm ready to go back to bed myself. Then there are the everyday chores and tasks that need to be done and so the big, not so regular tasks on my list keep getting bumped for dishes & laundry & dusting & so on. These are all things best done when Asa is napping. It's been a never ending cycle of un-accomplishments. LOL.

I looked at a few more pictures today that I had taken on New Years Eve day. Once again I was sadly discouraged with the poor quality. Damn they better find something wrong with that camera and fix it! It was a beautiful sunny day, but cold. We took Asa to the park and even though the play area was only half shaded I STILL had to shoot at 1600. I did however like the very first image and I cannot blame the improper exposure on anything but myself. As I slowly waddled along after my boys I couldn't help but smile at how cute Asa looked hurriedly following after Daddy, his new hand me down pocket watch just a swinging with every little step. So I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot, completely oblivious to the known fact that I shoot manual and adjustments always need to be made. Duh. Regardless it's my favorite shot and I decided to play up the exposure with a grungy look. Now, had I been thinking before typing this last paragraph I should have said "I was playing with exposure and came up with this cool vintage looking shot that I enhanced with some grunge brushes." Ya, that's what I meant to say. Haha.


Susanne P. said...

that's a sweet pic. where did he get the watch?

you ALWAYS bend the truth when it comes to creativity. lol

Anonymous said...

How Cute! Love you MOM

Miss M! said...

LOVING the hat!